What irritates you Monday

"What irritates you Monday" is a semi regular meme brought to us by Delores of
The Feathered Nest.

It gives us a chance, on Mondays, to rant about little, or big, things that irritate us.

Today my irritation is Traffic. 
Not traffic in general, I'm fine with that. After all, we all need to get from A to B at some time.

The traffic that irritates me is the sort that starts up in my oh-so-quiet street as soon as I turn on the TV for a program I particularly want to watch.

Time of day or night is irrelevant here. 
From nowhere, cars start revving up and travelling up or down my street.
Even into the driveway that winds through the flats. 

I can turn the TV up louder or shut the door, but I can still hear them.
(because now I know they're there, I've heard them)

Here's the funny part...I can have the door open and the TV on with just any old show just for background noise and there won't be a single car.
For hours. 

If I've been waiting for the midday movie because it looked really interesting in the previews, there will not be one single sound from the street, until the movie begins.

If the movie is a bit late starting, so is the traffic.


Same thing with DVDs.
Not a sound until I press the "play" button.

It's a conspiracy, I tell you, a conspiracy.
"They" would rather have me washing dishes or making the bed.

Little do they know, I've already done those things....mwah-ha-ha!


  1. That's funny, but yes, irritating. For us it's the phone. Just when I sit down to watch the news or an episode of Mantracker I haven't seen before..the phone rings.

  2. Do you think that is kinda related to one of those Murphy law things? I don't notice much traffic noise because I live in such a small sleepy town.

  3. I think you don't notice the traffic when you were not watching the TV because you were not trying to hear.

  4. For us it's the neighbours upstairs scraping their chairs on the wooden floor just as the three of us have settled in for The Big Bang Theory, or I've forgotten to shut the kitchen door and the washing machine's on spin!

  5. And if it isn't the noise of the cars/bikes/trucks it is the doof, doof of the sound system turned up WAY too high. If it is loud in my lounge room it is damaging your hearing.

  6. yup, fair annoying, ours is the yappy dogs across the way, at 9 when we usually go to bed (the wife gets up at 5.30 to go to work so we 'retire' early).

  7. Delores; I also have a neighbour with the uncanny ability to knock on my door with "news" that she thinks I ought to hear, right when I've just sat down with dinner that then gets cold, or a bowl of ice cream which melts as she mumbles on.

    Manzanita; so I should move to a small sleepy town?

    mm; not so. There's been days when I've stood at the front door just daydreaming and there hasn't been a single car. Until I turn the TV on.

    Kath Lockett; you need to time the washing so it's finished in time for Big Bang.

    Elephant's Child; I hear overly loud doof doof from the nearest big hotel some nights.

    The Wicked Writer; there is a yappy dog across the road from me, but he only yaps when other dogs are being walked past his fence.

  8. For me it's the EVIL trail bikes across the road ... they don't start up too often, but it's always when we particularly want some peace & quiet ...

  9. Oh that must be sooooo annoying. We are fortunate to live in a very quiet street and it's usually about 3.00 to 3.30pm when a few parents are fetching their children from a nearby school that we have traffic in our street but otherwise, very little of it.
    We do however get those idiots with their so-called music blaring (oh that base drives me mad) out but thank goodness only for a few seconds.
    We have neighbourhood dogs that rarely bark, so noise is not really an irritant to me thank goodness.

  10. River,
    Sure. Come and be my neighbor.

  11. Hi River,

    Double glazing helps with that.

    However, two things can still penetrate (certainly in my house):

    (a) When the aircraft from Manchester airport decide to take off over our house - usually on a Sunday morning.

    (b) Cretins on motorbikes who attempt to break the land speed record on my road.






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