Wednesdays Words on a Friday

On Wednesdays, Delores, from A Feathered Nest has a meme which she calls Words for Wednesday.

She puts up a selection of six words which we then use in a short story, if we are able.
Sometimes I look at her words and nothing at all comes to  mind.

This week's words are:


Here is my short story.

They were sad to be leaving the home they had lived in and loved for sixty years, but the time had come, to move on to a smaller home. Joe could no longer manage to care for such a large garden and Hannah could no longer climb the stairs to the second floor.
On this final early morning, for the very last time, they held hands and strolled through their garden as the sun rose, hearing the gentle tinkle of the fountain, watching the iridescent dragonflies darting among the dewdrops, as they each remembered the many other walks they had taken in the past, when the moonglow shone gently on the rose beds, and stardust sparkled in their eyes.

As they rounded the last bend in the path, their thoughts were still in the past as they heard the crunch of tyres on gravel. Their oldest daughter, Zoe,  had arrived. It was time to load the suitcases and head on to the pretty retirement village near Zoe's home.


  1. That is simply beautiful.

  2. Nice job, River. You're a writer :)

  3. Lovely little story, well done.

  4. That's nice but I wonder how often it happens so beautifully.

  5. That is simply lovely, and I wish that it did happen that way more often.
    Thank you.

  6. Delores; I'm glad you like it.

    Kath Lockett; thanks, it came to me a few words at a time while I was waiting to fall asleep, so I scribbled it down and hoped I could read it in the daylight.

    Merlesworld; thank you.

    Andrew; Probably not too often, but let's imagine it does.

    Elephant's Child; Thank you and I wish the same.

  7. That is magnificent River. It sounds very much like a preview of Phil and myself in a few years time. I hope if it is that our transition is that peaceful.
    Thank you for a lovely story. x

  8. Lovely! Makes me kinda sad, though. None of us want to think about when that day might come for us.

  9. Mimsie; thank you. I hope your eventual transition is as peaceful. Really, I hope everyone has a peaceful transition into retirement living.

    Susan; I don't mind the thought of getting older and having less to care for, I'm already in a one bedroom flat anyway. I suppose if I'd had a lifetime in a family home, the change might be harder.


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