A little more of Freo for you

Freo is what the locals call Fremantle, I heard it everywhere as I wandered around, young people on their phones, "we're in Freo, meet us at..."

The first place I went to was the Fremantle Visitor Centre to look at all the brochures and decide what to go and see.
There is a park right next door to the Visitor Centre....

with a few bronze statues in it. Sculptures?

this was my favourite, it's a good one, yes?
The artist creating his art.

There are some smaller sculptures...

a tortoise...

a couple of frogs...

and John Curtin is there too.

I had no idea who John Curtin was, we all know I don't take notice of politics or politicians.

I know now of course, having read the information on the base and can't help wishing our current leaders had some of that "inspiring national leadership" in them.

The park also has these...

painted bollards.
Aren't they so much nicer to look at than plain concrete?

I wandered on down to the dock area to book my ferry ticket to Rottnest Island and saw the Leeuwin11.

naturally I went closer because I like old sailing ships


I didn't join the groups touring the ship, instead I took a photo of this.....

a promise to myself to return.

One of the tour guides saw me with the camera and told me there were day trips and sunset trips and I immediately decided on a sunset trip.

Sometime between October and April.


  1. I really liked Freo the only and only time I have been. And yes, that sunset trip looks a real treat. I hope you can go (and take us) very soon.

  2. I always enjoy the tours you take us on.

  3. I have never been to Freo but I would go if I get the chance.
    The statutes are pretty exciting.

  4. Deakin was the best prime minister, he started child endowment, pensions, etc, more tnan 100 years ago. Crying Bob Hawke was one of the worst prime ministers. Right now there's a choice between two conmen: Abbott and Rudd; take your pick.

  5. Curtin was a bit before your time but he was a good leader during the war and stood up to Churchill about our troops coming back to defend Australia.
    Rh is right, now we have conmen to lead us.

  6. Elephant's Child; it will be at least October (maybe later) because the cruises only run from October to April and that will be wildflower time too.

    Delores; me too and I get to see it all twice. When I'm there and again here.

    Merlesworld; you would love it I'm sure.

    R.H. I would choose the zombie upstairs over either of those two.

    JahTeh; conmen, that's a bit of an understatement....

  7. Thanks so much for sharing those pics of Freo. We may only live a couple of kilometres from Fremantle but even though today I was near the Roundhouse with Phil when he saw his doctor about his cataract op on 31/7 we went around the back way. I can't walk now so have not seen any of the things in your photos. I am looking forward to seeing more of my Freo from your beautiful pictures so thank you so much River for sharing.
    Sorry folks but I think Tony Abbott has been a very good Opposition leader and trust him 100% more than ruddy Rudd who in less than two weeks turned out to be the same old Rudd he always was. I just wish he'd name a date for the election or is he just waiting till the polls tell him he can't lose!!! Politicians!! Bah!!

  8. One day I'll return to Freo too! Maybe I'll see you on that sunset cruise ... Look forward to seeing Rottnest Island too - you're one up on me with that one!!!

  9. Mimsie; I don't have too many photos of Freo, but lots of Rottnest and Hillary's boat Harbour and the AQWA.

    Red Nomad OZ; the sunset cruise promises to be spectacular. You'll enjoy Rottnest with its rocky rugged coastline.


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