what the heck does this mean?

I dreamed recently that I jumped into a giant swimming pool, fully dressed, so that I could swim around and play with the toys that were in there. Many of the toys weren't of the swimming pool variety and some were broken. There was a large thick corkboard, probably a foot thick, shaped like a giant surfboard and it had big metal handles sticking up, such as those on the side of pools to help you climb out. It was too big to play with, so I broke off a chunk to use as a kickboard. The piece I broke off sank to the bottom. Floating in the water, not on the surface, but halfway down, were several other toys, among them a toy aeroplane, while on the bottom were items that had sunk.
I was swimming quite freely above and under the water, when I noticed a large....ship? or something that was scooping the water through a grill and hose suction type of thing to clear it. I didn't want the broken toys to clog the apparatus, so I dived down deep to pull things out of the way.

Then I realised that I was breathing comfortably the whole time whether I was under the water or not.
There weren't even any air bubbles, I was just breathing.

Another dream, yet I only remember one part of it, where I was speaking to a work friend who died last year. She was alive and well and happy to be back. Even though we both acknowledged that she was still dead.


  1. Wow...what did you eat before you went to bed?
    There has to be some symbolism in the water for sure.......

  2. Either of those dreams would have me scratching my head for days...

  3. My sister could explain both dreams to you. I am sure she would tell you, of the second one, your friend wants you to know she is OK and happy.

  4. Only you can interpret your dreams as they're relevant only to you and what is going on in your subconscious. Interesting though!

  5. Sorry. I am afraid I laughed at the last sentence.

  6. I never remember my dreams so vividly and that first one was soooo complicated. When I was young I used to dream I could fly by just flapping my arms a little. I guess our minds sometimes allow us to do things we can only dream of.

  7. You ca go to this website to analyse your dream:

    It can be quite accurate from my past experience.

  8. Holy moly. Not sure, but it may mean you need to write a book. Quickly. Anyone with that much going on in the subconscious has gotta write a book. (Or stop eating weird foods at bedtime.)

  9. Fenstar is right. But it's hard not to say that I feel it results from your recent trip. And the strange experience of being underwater and able to breathe meant you were dead but okay. I actually got the impression this was about death before reading the second dream.

  10. Well I'd like to say that I've no respect for phoney analysis of any kind and there's a lot of it, so on the verge of embarrassing myself I'll just suggest that the thick surfboard-looking thing with metal handles is probably a coffin.

  11. Delores; maybe I should start writing down my late night snack foods and see which ones bring vivid dreams.

    Elephant's Child; the breathing underwater one has me scratching my head, the dead friend is clearer. She is free from pain now.

    Joanne Noragon; if she could explain the swimming dream I'd be grateful.

    Fenstar; if I knew what was going on in my subconscious I could probably write a book.

    Andrew; no apologies necessary, laugh as much as you like.

    mm; I'll check that site on the weekend, see what it says.

    Susan; like I said to Fenstar, if I knew what my subconscious was holding, I'd probably write a book. It might be easier to stop bedtime snacking.

    R.H. I did see a lot of water while in Fremantle. I find it hard to believe the dream has anything to do with death. Definitely no coffins either, the corkboard thing was more like one of those cork discs you put hot saucepans down on.

  12. This has been enlightening. Informative. When I surprise you with a visit I'll know what romantic approach to take.

  13. Very interesting stuff... there are hidden meanings in both... you could get yourself a 'dreams and what they mean' book... I have a couple and looked up one but I don't know if you're going to like it (just keep in mind not to be too literal with the meaning as death can often relate to the end of something, or it could relate to the work friend you also dreamt of?) Toys: 'to see toys in dreams, foretells family joys, if whole and new but if broken, death will render your heart with sorrow.'

    This one might be better - Swimming: to dream of swimming is an augury of success if you find no discomfort in the act' but 'to swim under water foretells struggles and anxieties' though you did say it was comfortable so perhaps the latter doesn't apply. The other book says 'life is a struggle but it can be overcome if you do not swim against the stream.' There is nothing for a pool in either nor is anything about swimming fully clothed.

    Aeroplane: 'high flying ideals'
    Ship: 'the whole self when life is uncertain and all at sea.' The other books says 'to dream of ships foretells honour and unexpected elevation to ranks above your mode of life.'

    Hope that helps :)

  14. People get buried fully clothed.


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