what do we have here?

Let's get closer and have a look

chicken and vegetable soup

with big chunks of real chicken!  yum.

and leftovers for four more meals.


  1. Well look I'd stay at your joint a month or two but I don't like frozen meals, if you'll serve it up fresh the trip's back on. Okay? Best I can do.

    With utmost affection.

  2. I's hard to get chicken soup with chunks unless you make it yourself.

  3. Yum! indeed ... perfect with a crusty roll in front of the telly.

  4. Carrots, onions and celery are good the world around. And chicken, too.

  5. I have been making chicken soup using your recipe! TA

  6. Looks good. I keep forgetting you are in your cooler weather now.

  7. R.H. leftovers are already in the freezer sorry. But this is homemade, so once thawed and heated it's just the same as fresh.

    Merlesworld; I made it myself just after lunch and let it simmer until dinnertime.

    Dianne; I forgot to buy the crusty roll, had to settle for slices of bread.

    Joanne; they're the basis of many good hearty winter recipes.

    mm; it's a good one.

    Delores; it hasn't been very cold until just recently, we're starting to get a nip of frost in the early morning air now.

  8. I will never believe frozen stuff is the same as fresh.


    Leftovers are your two ex husbands!

  9. That's a lovely pot, River. Can I ask where you bought it, and what it's called?
    I love the dome lid :)

  10. R.H. it depends on what it is that's frozen. soups and casseroles have the same texture as when they're fresh. breads, cakes and raw meat&fish are definitely much better fresh. Store bought frozen vegetables are softer than freshly cooked. and so on.

    Vicki; it's from Ikea and I don't think it has a name. I've just checked and the base says Ikea stainless steel. There are two sizes available, mine is the smaller 4 litre size. I think the bigger one is a 6 litre.

  11. We too make large batches of soup and it is wonderful that we then have soup for several days. We find that kept in the fridge you don't need to freeze all of it anyay. It keeps so well without freezing. Would love to have your recipe for this particular soup.

  12. Mimsie; I don't often eat soup more than a couple of days in a row, so I freeze it, it keeps longer that way. This particular batch doesn't have a recipe, it was leftover frozen beef stock with chicken soup type veggies (leek instead of onion) and some real chicken along with whatever was in the fridge that needed to be used up, like the quarter cabbage and a slightly limp couple of carrots. I suppose I could call it Leftovers Soup.

  13. Thanks for that explanation of your soup. Sounds the right type of ingredients to yours truly so won't be long before there will be chicken and vegie soup on our menu and I like the idea of leeks rather than onion too.


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