Gaaah! and ouch

resizing and naming a gazillion (593) holiday photos is making me crazy!

and hurting the hands and wrists a bit.

I'm cutting it back to working on one folder per day.
I might get it done by Christmas....


  1. Oh, busy busy....give those hands and wrists a break. You'll get more done if you go about it slowly. What's the old expression my mother used? "More haste less speed!" I'm sure that makes sense. Still looking forard to seeing those beautiful pics you've taken though.

  2. I often take the lazy way out & leave them on the disc until I want them. That also explains why some of my blog posts take so long to appear ...

  3. Mimsie; it's been a while since the carpal tunnels played up, so I got careless. I'll be slowing down with the resizing. I'll have to hunt up the old wrist braces I use when sleeping.

    Red Nomad Oz; I like to get things sorted and organised as quick as I can. Still, it will go faster by doing a bit every day, than if I let the hands get too painful and have to leave it all alone for months at a time.

  4. I admire people who put together great holiday posts their blog as they have their holiday, but it is not for me. I like a week off work after a significant holiday to at least get the photos sorted and an order sorted out.

  5. Looking at them is fun, fooling with them not so much. Remember to get those braces on for bed; they will keep you going.

  6. I think you are doing it right. One big gulp often makes you crazy. years ago I put river stones in the gardens but now I want them gone. I can't possibly do them all at once so I spend an hour each morning at it. Slow, yes, but it's better than NOT spending an hour a day at it.

  7. My inflamed tendons -- and the smallish, freckled hands that call them neighbors -- feel your pain.

    Slowly, my friend. Slowly.


  8. Holiday photos, their is always so many of them but I love to relive the time again and it's the only way to do it.

  9. Andrew; I purposely didn't take the laptop so I could have a proper holiday, now I have a lot of catch up to do and it's going to be slow going.

    Joanne Noragon; resizing is pretty quick, but putting my blog name to each one, plus sorting them all into folders labelled with the places I went is taking longer. I found the braces.

    Manzanita; slow and steady is often better than wearing ourselves out in one mad rush.

    Pearl; a lot slower than I'd like, but it's necessary. The night braces will help.

    Merlesworld; we do tend to get carried away with the shutter button when new things are to be seen.


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