checking off the list

1. clothes checked and clean - done
2. suitcase packed - done
3. carry on bag filled with assorted charge cords - done
4. camera battery charged - done
5. spare camera battery charged - done
6. perishables all eaten - mostly
7. check bus timetables - done, I'll be at the airport on time
8. prepaid phone credit bought - done
9. haircut - done, I'm short and curly again instead of wild and wooly
10. clothes laid out for the morning - done

Well, that's about it.
I'm as ready as I can get.
Perth, here I come.

much tidier, you should have seen it before, more like an overgrown straggly shrub it was.

I'll be back......


  1. Have a heap of fun!!!
    And the back of your head looks very, very familiar. My hair looks very like that - except it is a little longer at the moment.

  2. Bon Voyage, River. Have a safe and wonderful trip and come home with more words of wisdom and pictures to share.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  3. Have yourself a fantabulous time and remember to take lots and lots of pictures.

  4. I am very impressed by your organisation, the key to a calm departure. In my years of housesitting I have arrived frequently to find the Departers not even packed for their trip.
    Wishing you the best and most relaxed time.

  5. It's always good to make a list isn't it? Hope you have a good flight. Perth is waiting for you and it's quite cold with 2ºC this morning and more cold mornings on the way. You have pretty hair. Mine was like that but I keep it short now for convenience sake. All the best with everything.

  6. Elephant's Child; I had heaps of fun. It's nice to know my hair has a "sister".

    Delores; close to 600 photos, not all show-worthy, but lots of good ones, mostly scenery.

    Ann O'Dyne; organisation is the key to my life, just can't live any other way.

    Mimsie; I have lists and lists and lists....I think I need a master list to tell me what's on all the other lists...
    Perth was very cold in the mornings, I shivered until lunchtime several days.


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