Wednesday's Words on a Friday

On Wednesdays, Delores, from A Feathered Nest has a meme which she calls 
"Words for Wednesday".

She puts up a selection of six words which we then use in a short story, if we are able.
Sometimes I look at her words and nothing at all comes to mind.
This week's words are:
  1. filter
  2.  squash
  3.  sour
  4. dancing
  5. muscle
  6. breakthrough

Here is my short story:

As the music took over her soul, Janet danced as if every muscle she had was weightless.
She'd had a breakthrough, finally mastering that new move Ms. Gina had been teaching them.
Her mind filtered out everything but the music and the dancing

When she eventually stopped for a break, Janet was grateful for the lemon squash her Mum had packed into her snack bag. She took several sips of the delicious sourness before crunching into the shiny red apple. 

Her thoughts drifted again to the dance and the feathery black and gold costumes Ms. Gina had described to them.


  1. Great job as usual.

  2. Another fine example of how to use given words. Well done.

  3. Delores; thank you.

    Mimsie; thank you too.

  4. You are doing beautifully, and improving with each selection. Well done River.

  5. The Wicked Writer; thank you, high praise from a real writer.

  6. Way to go! Another terrific job. "Lemon squash", huh? I've eaten lemons, and I've eaten squash, but lemon squash? Sounds like an interesting combination. I trust it's kinda like what we call lemonade?

    Happy weekend!

  7. Susan; lemon squash is probably most like home made lemon cordial. Juice from real lemons, sweetened with sugar and diluted with water. I think it would be what kids sell at home made lemonade stands. What I know as lemonade is that commercial fizzy too-sweet stuff with no lemon juice at all in it. Orange squash is the same, but with oranges.


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