I bought some mince....

pork and veal mince to be precise

a little over 500grams, which was more than I wanted, but no big deal, I put half in the freezer.

The rest I put in a mixing bowl and added

one large (slightly blurry) egg.....

a sprinkle of dried parsley, a good shake of the white pepper.....

and a couple of spoonfuls of packaged store bought seasoning mix.

mixed it all together very thoroughly,

and shaped the mix into tiny little meatballs.

I deep fried them in small batches

until they were nicely browned

then added them to the big pot of spaghetti sauce I was making.

simmer....simmer....simmer....simmer....cook a little pasta,
then it was dinner time

meatballs and sauce served over pasta

sprinkled with a little freshly grated parmesan, then eaten.

This was my first ever attempt at meatballs and I have to say, dinner was really, really good.


  1. So, is there a restaurant in your future? Down home cooking!

  2. And it looks as if the meatballs will make more than one dinner. Always a win.
    I shallow fry them when I make them for the smaller portion. Which is also good.

  3. You constantly amaze me. I wish you were my next door neighbor. Always trying new things and you are soooo well organized. I can tell just by looking at the parsley flakes. Labeled and with such neat printing. You are one of a kind, gal.

  4. This posting took a lot of balls to post :)

    Seriously, that looks scrumptious and suddenly, I'm hungry.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


  5. Meat ball Sphag is my fav.
    To cut down on fat, I followed Jamie Oliver's trick: Shape the balls, put in a deep baking try, pour the sauce around the balls and bake till brown.

    If no time, add the uncooked meat balls straight into boiling sauce, and simmer for 10 min.
    Taste the same to me, but no added fat.

  6. Joanne noragon; maybe years ago I would have thought about it, but not now. I'll just cook for myself and family.

    Elephant's Child; this made four meals, two serves are in my freezer. Shallow frying means turning the meatballs for even browning, plus fat spit on the stovetop. Deep frying means they roll around in the oil by themselves and brown evenly, plus if the pot is deep enough there's no spits on the hotplate.

    Manzanita; my labels are computer printed. My kitchen is always organised, chaos is a big no-no. There's nothing worse than being unable to find that thing you know you've got but can't remember where.

    klahanie; it was rather scrumptious.

    mm; I prefer the meatballs fried and I use a cholesterol free vegetable oil so it's win-win on both counts.

  7. You have a nice style in showing your latest cooking adventure.. nice

  8. Kymbo Whitford; the idea is to tempt others into trying the recipes.

  9. Looks yummy. I suddenly have the itch to have angel hair pasta and meatballs for dinner... and there's plenty of fresh herbs in our garden aching to be picked. Thanks for the idea!

  10. They look great....I may have to try that one of these nights.

  11. Susan; you're welcome. Enjoy your angel hair.

    Delores; it's warming and yummy, a great winter comfort food.

  12. Please do NOT use vegatable oil as they are all palm oil (palm oil has such a bad name that the tricky company disguised it as vegtable oil!!!! Although vegetable/palm oil does not contain cholesterol, they are short chain trans fatty acid converted to cholesterol 100%. Palm oil is banned for food in USA. Also, the palm oil company has been burning off rainforest driving orang utan to extinction. Win win situation will be to stop using vegetable oil. Please use canola oil or sunflower oil - healthier and save the home of orang utan.

  13. mm; it's sunflower oil, my preferred choice if I'm not using olive oil.

  14. I am very pleased to hear that!

  15. I like the sound of that recipe. I am thinking of patties perhaps grilled or done in a pan with just a tiny bit of olive oil. I also use Rice Bran oil which I am told is very good for us.


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