Wednesday's Words on a Friday

On Wednesdays, Delores, from A Feathered Nest has a meme which she calls
 "Words for Wednesday"

She puts up a selection of six words which we then use in a short story, or a poem, if we are able.
Sometimes I look at her words and nothing at all comes to mind.

This week's words are: 

1. gregarious
2. munchkin
3. tipple
4. faint
5. carousing
6. bedpan

Here is my short story:

Callum squinted at the faint light from the hallway as he pressed the button that would call the nurse.
He needed a bedpan and quickly too. As he waited, he thought of the night three months ago that had brought him to this.

His sister had needed him to stay, but he'd gone out drinking.

Gone to Finn's pub with his mates Iain and Bryan for a tipple or two of whiskey, but when that gregarious Zak had joined them, the quick drink had turned into a night long carousing.

The laughter, the jokes, the singing....he'd remember forever.

He'd remember forever too that fateful moment when he'd staggered into the path of a truck as he left the pub at midnight.

Now here he was, both legs slowly mending after having been crushed beyond belief, and years of more surgery and therapy ahead of him. He was lucky to be alive.

But the kiddies....those precious little munchkins who loved their Uncle Callum so much.... 

He might never run in the park with them again, never kick the junior sized soccer ball with them....if only he'd stayed to help Gwen.

A quiet sob escaped him as he heard the footsteps of the nurse approaching.


  1. Oh, Callum! If only you had tippled a bit less!

  2. Oh good job. That was fantastic.

  3. Hey River,

    Poor Callum and a cautionary tale. Speaking of a bedpan, see you, I'm outta' here....

  4. This is brilliant. Sad, sad, sad - but so well done.

  5. Susan Kane; perhaps if Zak hadn't unexpectedly shown up...

    Delores; thank you.

    klahanie; poor Callum indeed.

    Elephant's Child; thank you, I'm sure there's a happy ending somewhere.

    Susan; thank you too.

  6. Oh well done. You've outdone even yourself with this one. Maybe Callum would have been better off if he'd stayed home having a quiet tipple like my chap did. I can even feel sorry for Callum as if he was a real person. : )

  7. Mimsie; young fellows like Callum like their Friday pub nights after working all week.


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