This one is for Pearl....... and several other friends

My good friend Pearl recently commented that Australia must be huge.

She's right of course, it is.

Today, Pearl gets to see just how big we are downunder.
and of course my other American and Canadian reader friends. 
Dave  and Gary from the UK too.

you Texans think Texas is big? Well, yes, it is, but check this out....
(not bragging, just saying...)

the dark shadowed area is Texas, the white patch down below is Singapore, with Kuala Lumpur marked.
Up on the right is a bit of the UK. also white.

Here, I'll give you a closer look,

part of Texas, the UK and Ireland too.
The lighter grey area surrounding all of these is Western Australia.
Just one of our six states and one territory.
 Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania and the Northern Territory.

Here's the whole thing.
These photos were taken inside one of the cells in The Round House, I'll show you more of that tomorrow.
I don't know why this size comparison is hanging in there, there must have been some reason, but the cell is quite small and others were waiting to get a look in, so I didn't stay to read all the information.

I love my country. 


  1. My girlfriend would go back, "longer than three weeks next time." There is just so much to see!

  2. I guess the map is just to show how big my state of Western Australia actually is. I think it takes as long to get from Albany in the south to Wyndham in the north as it does to fly to the east coast. Western Australia in itself is one million square miles and is what, about one third of the whole continent? It is a very, very big island and we must never forget little Tassie down there off the south-east coast.
    Thanks for sharing this map River. People in the northern hemisphere often have little knowledge of we folk down under.

  3. Even I did not know that many places could fit into Western Australia and still leave room for more.

  4. Joanne Noragon; I'm definitely going back, just don't know when yet. There's other places I need to go too.

    Mimsie; it is a huge state for sure, if I had lots more money I'd be exploring the whole of it over time.

    Andrew; I've heard that Germany can fit into the state of Victoria 20 times....

  5. I have a pic somewhere that puts most of Europe within Australia with room to spare... and less people than many of the larger cities of the world.

  6. There's a cattle station in South Australia that's bigger than Belgium!!! I've seen the pic Kymbo speaks of, and there's another that shows mainland US and OZ being approximately the same size! AWESOME!!

  7. We know our southwest like the backs of our hands and love it down there but have only been as far north as Carnarvon. That's far enough for me as I wouldn't enjoy the hot weather further north.
    Germany is quite a largish country so not sure about how many times it would fit into Victoria but I am sure Belgium probably could. Interesting to find out if that fact or fiction.

  8. It just goes to show you, huh! I remember many moons ago, travelling from WA to Central Oz by bus, a trip that took about 36 hours and I was sitting next to a guy from Switzerland and he couldn't believe how vast Australia is... when he asked where I lived (the NSW Snowy Mountains at the time), I described it as being about a 6 hour drive south west of Sydney and he said in six hours he could drive around his whole country!

  9. Kymbo; most of Europe with room to spare? I guess most of those countries are smaller than they look in my atlas.

    Red Noamd OZ; we're a lot bigger than I ever imagined.

    Mimsie; I heard the Germany thing from my dad, he was born there, as was I, so I guess he'd know. Germany looks pretty big in my atlas though, it's the surrounding countries that look really small. Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland.

    Gabriella; I've just had a look at Switzerland in my atlas; it looks like I could walk across it, although I'm sure I can't.

  10. Hi River,

    What's incredible about Australia and the UK is that there are 62 million of us and only 22 million of you guys.

    Yet we live on a relatively tiny island.

    I love my country too - and I also love Australia - especially when we beat Australia at rugby and cricket




  11. One of the well-documented illustrations of the comparative sizes of Australia and others, River, is that many overseas tourists choose to enter Australia via Cairns, thinking (based on their own countries) that they’ll rent a car and do a sight-seeing drive to Brisbane in a few hours – only to find it’s a couple of thousand kilometres and two or three days away.

  12. Plasman; if only more of Australia were habitable, most of the interior is dry desert and our governments don't seem to see the value in building dams and piping water from the monsoonal Queensland areas down to the drought-ridden south. I've read somewhere that Queensland's annual rainfall is enough to supply our whole continent with enough water.

    FigMince; I remember my mum saying something similar years ago. She'd had a letter from her own mum in Germany wondering why we kids didn't visit her more often (mum) or why mum didn't visit us. When she told her mum that a visit was a two day trip away her mum just couldn't fathom the distance. Apparently in Germany if you walk half an hour you're already in the next village or close to it.


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