sunshine....and some Island photos

A couple of days ago the light globe in my kitchen died.  I had spares, (I always have spares),  so got one from the back porch cabinet, dragged the big ladder inside and changed the globe.
The new globe is a "warm white" instead of the "cool white' I've become used to.
Now every time I flip the switch my kitchen glows yellow as if it is bathed in late afternoon sunshine.
It's quite lovely.

But enough of that,
here are a few photos I took while wandering around Rottnest Island. 

this plant was covered in several dozen bees, but I couldn't get a shot of more than one.
The little buggers took off as soon as I focused on them.

this big tree looks to me like it should be in a spooky kids halloween movie.

I like the way these fallen branches have landed against each other to look like a tepee.

a pair of crows chattering on a log.

a straight cut cliff of sandstone. (or maybe limestone?)

a pair of ducks waking up from a nap.

this palm that got blown over at some point and just kept on growing.

a small boardwalk that looped around a stand of mostly fallen trees and came out by the palm above. You can see the tail end of it behind the palm.

and a snake hole, the only one I saw on the whole walk. I didn't see any snakes though, which was fine with me. We were told there are only two types of snakes on the Island and both are deadly.


  1. Hi River,

    I detest snakes and its one thing that would put me off living anywhere.

    We have snakes in the UK but they are harmless. I read that Australia has the 7 deadliest snakes in the world.


    I still plan to pop Down Under again some time in the future though.




  2. The crows are priceless. "When do you suppose our ship's coming in, Martha?"

  3. Well, I'm glad to hear the snakes didn't bother to come out to greet you.

    That palm tree is the epitome of refusing to give up. Neat.

  4. Thanks River for sharing pics of Rotto. It's years since I was there and I enjoyed your journey. Glad you didn't see any snakes but guess they would be hibernating being winter. When holidaying over there with first hubby and our two youngsters we had gone for a very long walk and on the way back, there in the middle of the road was a dugite. Aubrey killed it as we were concerned children could come across it be bitten.
    That palm tree certainly is tenacious. You should see the trees up the coast at Greenough. The sea breeze is so strong that many of the trees grow actually lying on the ground. The look so weird.

  5. Plasman; yes our snakes are deadly and so are some of our spiders. You'll have to wear your hip length boots when you come out here.

    Joanne Noragon; they're more likely saying "here's another twit with a camera".

    Susan; we made plenty of noise tromping around so any snakes that heard us coming had plenty of time to hide.

    Mimsie; the winds coming from the south of Rotto are very strong so many of the trees along the south coast are growing close to horizontal there. Others are bent and twisted and actually look more interesting than the straight ones.

  6. That palm tree is fascinating.

  7. Weird but interesting trees.

    The only place for cool white lighting is a laboratory.

  8. Delores; I was rather delighted when I saw it.

    Andrew; and my living room, I like to see when I'm trying to read, which is about 95% of my day.

  9. Great place lots of interesting places.

  10. Merlesworld; you'll have to get over there sometime.

  11. The palm looks so funny. I'm glad you didn't come across any deadly snakes.

  12. diane b; we know to make plenty of noise so the snakes have time to slither away and hide. They're more dangerous if unexpectedly surprised.

  13. Hi River - all the photos are great, but the fat fuzzy BEE is the best.
    I did not know that English snakes are harmless - what a concept.
    X X


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