Rottnest Island Beach

Well, one of them.
It's an Island, so there are beaches all around.
These photos are from the one right near where the ferry dropped us off and then picked us up again.

As we sat under a tree eating lunch, I noticed the weathervane.....

it has a Quokka on it!

R and I walked along behind some of the accommodation buildings, then turned to the beach and walked back along the sand and rocks to the pier where we'd wait for the ferry.

lo and behold! there were pelicans. They followed us most of the way back to the pier.

Halfway along, I turned back and took this postcard shot.

Then I started seeing smaller things.

like this coral

and that coral

and a pretty shell.

I saw piles of seaweed....

and smaller pieces of a different type of seaweed.

do you all know those round blobs of sea jelly that get washed up on shore?
They're clear, mostly, but the one I saw wasn't...

it had a face! something was embedded in it and I just had to take a photo to prove I'd seen it.

there were plenty of rock pools, most of them had little kids playing in them.

I loved these channels cut into the rocky edge by rivulets of water.

walking along the pier...

spotting the ferry coming to take us back to the mainland,

watching as she swung around...

and bumped up to the dock.

it had been a lovely day, but I was ready to leave and get home to R and V's house.


  1. What a peaceful looking beach with all that long expanse of sand. You couldn't miss your ferry that was so vividly painted with all it's red dots. After a day of sun I bet the ferry felt comfortable.

  2. I think I will have nightmares about being chased by a sea jelly blob.

  3. Ah Rottnest! There's nothing like it for a day out or a holiday of which I had quite a few when younger and my two children actually went to school on Rottnest for a couple of weeks when we holidayed there.
    I think the beach you photographed would be Thompson's Bay as that is where the ferry calls in. I yearn to go back one day but doubt now that I ever will so thanks for sharing those beautiful pictures. So glad too that the weather was so good on that day.

  4. Manzanita; that was just one of the many beaches around the Island. The Australian mainland is equally surrounded by fabulous beaches. I almost fell asleep on the ferry going back.

    Andrew; nightmares? but it was a smiling jelly blob, a happy jelly blob, didn't seem at all threatening. Unless that was its disguise....

    Mimsie; I didn't recall the name of the beach, but Thompson's Bay sounds right. I want to go back again too.

  5. It looks like a wonderful place to spend some time. I NEVER get bored walking on a beach. Just being there makes my heart do a happy pitty-pat.

  6. Those beach shots are wall art, including the jelly blob.

  7. Did you bring the coral and the shell home with you?

  8. Gorgeous! You know I live in Missouri and the beach is like a zillion miles away from me. :)

  9. Susan; beach walking is one of my favourite things to do. I just need to remember I'm not 16 and stop clambering around on the rocks so much. My hip is still aching from a near slip.

    Joanne; I have a few shots that seem worthy of framing.

    Delores; I brought nothing home, I always leave things like that where they are, in case they are the home of some tiny creature.

    Happy Elf Mom; I'll have to include more beach photos for you. Sand? Water? Rocks? Do you have a preference? Or just overall beach?

  10. I LOVE your postcard shots - especially the first one! But of course the RED boat takes the cake!

  11. I love Rottnest Island... the beaches there are amazing, the water is so beautiful...


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