another whole day to do nothing

aaaah, feet up, book in hand, coffee on the side table.....bliss.

The sheets and towels are already hanging out in the sunshine, the bed is remade, the bathroom got cleaned yesterday and I'm ignoring the dishes for now. One cereal bowl, one water glass, easy to ignore.

I've done a fair bit of sorting in my I-tunes folder, today I'll be listening to all the songs from A to Y, because there aren't any beginning with Z.  I've deleted a lot of rubbishy songs, I don't remember when or why I put them on there, possibly a bunch of CDs lent to me and I uploaded the music without listening first, so that I could return them quickly. Anyway they're gone and hopefully all that is left are songs that I really like.

I have a further list of old favourites written down that I've heard on the easy listening radio station, I'll have to purchase those from the I-tunes store, then I'll sync the whole lot with the big I-pod.
I should end up with about 1500 songs on there, that's not a lot compared to some people's collections, but it'll do me nicely. And that leaves plenty of room on the device for new music that I might hear and like. I wonder if Trisha Yearwood has put out anything new.....

Meanwhile, heard on the news last night, many, many people are still without power here in Adelaide, shops have had to dump food, and residents who have been without power for a day will be financially compensated for the loss of all their frozen and refrigerated food, those without power for longer than a day will be compensated with a slightly higher amount, since they've not only lost food, but can't yet go out to buy more without refrigeration available. I don't know if shops will be compensated, presumably they'd have insurance to cover this sort of thing, but still, it would be just as hard on them having to replace all refrigerated stock.


  1. I remember that feeling right now. Couple of years ago I had the overwhelming desire to listen to all the songs of a couple of groups I admired, and I spent countless evenings propped on my elbows, watcng YouTube.

  2. ANOTHER relaxing day. Good for you. I am sorry to hear that folks are still without power over there.

  3. I'm always happy to take a day off and do nothing but I'm always so surprised how quickly it goes.

  4. When the power goes out we "suddenly" realize everything that the electric does... and what life is like without it. Not pretty, is it? How did people do it for centuries????

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  6. That's terrible! And I don't hear about it on the news here at all.

  7. Joanne; I don't bother much with youtube, I prefer to load all my favourite songs onto the ipod, then when I want to listen I just press play.

    Delores; I'm liking the relaxing, I think I've found my groove. Two days housework and shopping, two days relaxing, one day is the third day without power for some people.

    Merlesworld; they do go by very quickly don't they? I just glanced at the clock and I'm surprised to find it is 4.40pm already.

    Robin; the worst is the fridges and freezers, all that food...melting ice cream, defrosted meat, sour milk. Everything else can be coped with.

    Andrew, many power lines came down in the gale force winds last Monday night. Too many to be fixed quickly, power crews are doing their best.

    Happy Elf Christine; it's just a local area catastrophe, a stretch of suburbs in the east and to the foothills in Adelaide.

  8. I bet all of the pollies got their power lines fixed first. And looking at the area affected, I am hoping that my ex is without power. Petty I know, but it cheers me up :-)

    Relax away. I love those kinds of lazy days. I sometimes spend a whole day reading. Actually, I can spend a whole week reading and would do it full time if I didn't have a family that seems to need clean clthes, food on the table, conversation and the dog walked.

  9. Strangely enough my nephew was telling me last week that he too had sorted out his iTunes and then something went wrong with the computer (or something...I forget exactly what it was ) and it all returned as it was before with the deleted tunes back. He now has to go through and do them all again.
    All my days are sort of 'do little' days now. I reaslly should do more.


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