this is what I'm doing today

It's far too hot to be wandering around outside, I went out earlier than early and bought the paper, because it's Saturday and I like to look through the Real Estate pages and torture myself with big fancy homes that I can't have.
It's more of a habit these days, since I don't actually want a big mansion anymore.......who the heck wants to clean a million rooms? not me!

While I'm reading those pages, I'll be listening to this.....

my music library,
and sorting out these.....

so I can delete songs I don't want and then add new songs to this.....

before plugging it back into the dock.....

for listening on days when I'm doing nothing but reading, or when the TV selections aren't worth turning on the set for. (so often!)
This one lives in the lounge room, while the next one lives in the bedroom.

Then I'll do the same with my Windows Media Player, so I can load more songs onto this.....

and plug it back into the satellite speakers.....

for quiet listening when I'm wide awake in the wee hours. Usually I just read, but sometimes a little music helps while away the hours until I feel sleepy again.

It's probably going to take me more than one Saturday, so I may not be around much while I get this done.

I need both I-tunes and Windows Media players because the small white walkman doesn't work through I-tunes, which is something I didn't know when I bought it, but it's such a great little player and fits easily in the palm of my hand or a shirt pocket, so it's easier to take along if I want music while I'm out walking.


  1. A two up and two down house would be my dream too. You have some handy little recording gadgets. I love listening to music as well.

  2. Sounds like you've got lots to keep you busy.

  3. Wow, I am impressed, technologically! Beyond me.

  4. Hi River,

    "It's far too hot to be wandering around outside" ...

    I have been outside three times today and am soaked because it has not stopped raining! The temperature is a cool 7 degrees so at least we're not cooking.

    So really we're in the same boat - unpleasant weather outside (though I think I'd rather be there).

    I have over 6000 songs and am thinking I should also sort out my music collection. I am at the stage where I certain things pop up and I think "where did THAT come from?"

    But I do live my music - and reading.




  5. Seems to be a rather large and eclectic library of music. Is library the right word?

  6., so many machines and music lists......
    I don't listen to music very much. Unfortunately with my hearing problems I can't understand all the words to songs and music doesn't always sound like music to me.
    Enjoy sorting through your collection and remembering why you had that song/music in the first place.. Wishing you happy memories...
    Hugs and Blessings..
    Barb xxx

  7. Molly; I have a one bedroom flat, that's quite enough for me to be cleaning. The big I-pod is a third hand hand-me-down, it holds an astonishing amount of stuff, I don't have nearly enough music to fill it. The smaller one is also under used, my music library is quite small, around 2000 songs or a bit less.

    Delores; it's going to take me a while, since I don't plan on sitting here for two or three days in a row.

    Joanne; ten years ago it was beyond me too, then I bought my first mp3 player....

    Plasman; we're at about 102 degrees, come on down.
    6000 songs?? wow. I have about 2000 and I was listening for most of the morning and wondering just where some of the rubbish had come from. I've deleted quite a bit so far. I have a problem with the volumes though. Some of my music is from the 50s and 60s when things were recorded at lower volumes, adjusting them all is beyond me, yet I'd like everything to play at the same volume on the i-pod. As it is I have to keep turning it up or down depending on what is playing. There are programs, but each song needs to be done individually and it's hard to get everything levelled.

    Andrew; very eclectic, stuff from the 50s and 60s, rock from the 70s-80s and a bit from the 90s, a lot of country and western from American singers and some from Australian singers, Christmas songs are on there too. Library is the correct word.

    Barbara Neubeck; I love listening. Too often I'm too busy doing other things and a few days later I find myself dragging through the days, then I realise I haven't listened to my radio or my I-pods, so I turn on one or the other and feel better almost immediately.

  8. "or when the TV selections aren't worth turning on the set for. (so often!) Ain't that the truth! It seems that the more tv stations we have, the less worthwhile programs are shown.

    Our weather is the polar opposite of yours - although it's "warmed up" today to 0C, so that means snow, possibly mixed with freezing rain and perhaps changing over to rain late in the day. Equally unpleasant to be out in as a hot, unrelenting sunny day.

    I so agree that music makes a big difference in mood. We mostly use Spotify, a Swedish based commercial music streaming service. As L-G's son runs a recording studio, we heard about this servece quite early in the piece and so have a good deal as an early adopter. I wouldn't be without it.

  9. Marie; this is why I have a largish dvd collection. I've used those free music download sites, but the quality isn't always good which is why my music volumes are all over the place, also that's where I picked up viruses in the past. One site in particular fried my desk top computer very thoroughly. I've heard of spotify but don't know if it is available here.

  10. Ow, iTunes... I was doing this just last night. Over the last couple of years, upgrading and syncing iTunes has become a real headache. It always takes so long, as every second time there's a new iOS download to do. I don't do them all, because it's such a drag. I do have cheap internet though so maybe that's a factor, but I always find myself up into the early hours of the morning and then finally shutting it all down in disgust.
    Last night I deleted a heap of apps off my phone that I never use as they were taking up space; in the past I had much more music on my phone than now, but that included playlists I'd set up for the kids. Now that they have their own iPods (old iPod Nanos that used to be mine and Y's), I transferred their playlists to those - which is much better!

  11. It seems so strange to read about how hot it is there, when our area essentially shut down earlier this week because of snow and ice. (We are NOT used to that stuff here in the sunny south!) We're back to normal today. The temperature is supposed to be in the sixties, so what's left of the snow should melt quickly.

    I know what you mean about the enormous houses. I LOVE to walk through them, especially when they're under construction, but I never wanted one. I always say, "I don't want to wash all those windows!" Our house is modest in size, but now that it's just my hubby, the cats and me here, we have more than enough room.

    Good for you for knowing how to use all those musical storage devices. I stick to the radio and CDs. (I still have a lot of records, too, but no decent turntable.)

    Happy weekend! Stay cool.

  12. I have a hateful relationship with Itunes, it seems every time I get all the songs sorted out and placed into appropriate lists the PC dies and I have to start all over again...

  13. You are so clever with your knowledge of technology. I have no idea what all those 'things' are or what they are for.
    I am so old-fashioned that I just listen to CDs in my radio/CD player that also plays tapes. We also play records as well.

  14. Jackie K; I have a mobile broadband usb which is faster than dial-up internet, so that helps a bit with download speeds and I don't often go to I-tunes anyway. I listen to an easy listening radio station and makes lists of old favourites I'd like to add, then go to I-tunes and spend a day purchasing and downloading the songs. But I'm all out of credit there now, only 8 cents left. I'll have to save up for another voucher. When I was there yesterday a window popped up saying there was a new version of I-tunes available so I clicked on download and it all went pretty quickly. I'm not sure what the iOS is?

    Susan; glad you're not staying cold and snowy too long, I hope the people further north get a break soon too. Which state are you in?
    I wanted the large houses when I had four kids still at home, but now they're gone and it's just me, so my one bedroom flat is a better deal, although I wouldn't mind one extra room for storage or so people could stay over now and again.

    Kymbo; back up your lists onto CDs. That way you only have to import those songs back into I-tunes, not purchase the whole lot all over again. Importing from your own CDs usually goes fairly quickly, I did it from old CDs I had before beginning to buy songs.

  15. Gotta say it, I'd be lost without my iPod :)


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