new snacks on the supermarket shelf

Normally I don't buy stuff like this, but I saw the ad on TV, so I thought I'd give them a try and if they were awful I could let you all know.

So you wouldn't waste your money.
Aren't I nice?


Special K Biscuit Moments. You'll notice I bought the Strawberry flavour, because the other flavour is blueberry and I'm not a fan. (Blue flavouring irritates the inside of my mouth and if there is blue colouring as well, I'll be scratching an itchy rash in no time).

two biscuits for less than 110 calories. 
I don't think it is possible for me to care less about this bit. I'm not a calorie counter, never have been.
I don't eat biscuits much either, so I figure any calories in them is okay. It would be a different matter if I was the sort of person who ate a packet of biscuits all at once, or even a packet throughout the day.

inside the box is five of these little foil wrapped packages....

each containing two biscuits with a "soft fruit flavoured filling" (quoted straight from the box) and topped with "a vanilla drizzle". (strawberry puree concentrate)
To me, that vanilla drizzle tastes more like that yoghurt topping they drizzle on muesli bars, but this is softer and will melt on your fingers. Finger lickin' good.
I like that yoghurt topping, so it isn't a problem.

here's one that I bit in half. You can see the biscuit part is thin and crispy, with an air bubble or two between it and the filling, probably that's what makes them so nice and light, ha ha.

Here's the best part...the filling is more tangy than sweet, so these aren't a biscuit with a smear of jam.
I like them.

They're $4.99 (in the muesli bars aisle) which is okay if you only eat one of the individual packets a day or even every two days. And because they are individually wrapped (in twos), you can forget they're in the cupboard and when you remember a week later, they'll still be good.
They're probably acceptable in school lunchboxes too, unless the school has gone overboard with regulations and teachers are taking snacks away from kids and tossing them in the bin.
(I personally think that is very wrong, teachers should not have any say in what goes into lunchboxes). 

I'm not going to give you the nutrition listings or the ingredients, but I will say that palm oil is listed, so if you're banning all palm oil products in your home, you can't buy these....and they're made from gluten containing cereals. (wheat flour)

As an occasional snack with a cup of tea or coffee, I can recommend them as being light, crisp and tasty.

Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post, I don't do those things.

But if anyone from Special K is reading this and would like to thank me, I wouldn't mind.

Now don't forget, tomorrow is Time-Out Tuesday, I won't be here.


  1. Every packaged snack like that I've tasted taste like petroleum to me. Which probably is a good thing.

  2. They look a bit like those pop tart thingies that kids used to like for snacks. Is the pastry flaky messy or flaky tidy?

  3. I'm glad you liked them, so that it wasn't a waste of $5.

    I'm not a biscuit or sweets eater really, so I'd possibly never buy them, even though I'm pretty sure that The Swede would scoff the blueberry ones (he hates commercially produced strawberry products. And funnily enough he has the same reaction to kiwi as you have to blueberry). I've not seen anything similar here, but then convenience type food is somewhat frowned on - the biscuit aisle looks like those old Soviet style shops with a choice of two products in plain wrappers, so you don't get excited and buy them :-)

    Palm oil is a hot potato here at the moment, with Greenpeace waging a battle with the big Swedish chocolate companies in their Save the Sumatran tiger campaign.

  4. I once made all my own biscuits but just ate too many so I stopped and now I don't eat them very often.

  5. So you made me hungry when I wasn't ... and I don't have any of your biscuits to eat. But, since I have a taste for something bready or doughy, I will have to go rummaging in my pantry ... Oh my. Thanks, River, I will try these ... they sound and look pretty tasty :) ... Have you tried Special K's new granola? I saw it on a commercial and it looked good, but I haven't been able to find it in the store. I guess I am better off sticking to my health food goodies ... all natural :)

    Andrea @From The Sol

  6. I've tried to generate payola by saying nice things about products. It has never worked :-(

  7. I try and avoid biscuits. My sweet tooth is mostly savoury. The skinny one would like them though - thank you.
    And enjoy your day off.

  8. Great review, River. Thanks.
    I think I'll pass on these snacks though.

    Now, I'm off to find those Tim Tams I bought the other day :)

  9. Heck, I think if anyone from Special K is reading, they should do more than thank you... they should pay you! Great review and recommendation. They sound yummy.

  10. Joanne; petroleum? That's terrible! A good way to keep you off the snack foods though.

    Delores; pop tarts are larger and more square, get toasted and are horrible. (to me anyway)These are small, about 9cm x 3.5cm, and pastry tidy.

    Marie; I don't often eat biscuits either, rarely buy them, but now and again I feel like a biscuit so I'll buy a packet, maybe once a year.

    Merle; I've made biscuits in the past, but not often, usually at Christmas to give away and ANZACS for Anzac day, also to give away. I'll eat a couple, for taste test purposes, but that's it.

    Andrea; I'm sorry, I didn't mean to spark your appetite. Step away from the pantry....I don't eat Special K cereals, I make porridge for my breakfast in winter and have yoghurt and fruit in the summer. A side foray into pancakes occasionally, or eggs and toast.

    Andrew; I wasn't hoping for remuneration, but I don't mind if Special K people read this and know that people like their products.

    Elephant's Child; my sweet tooth favours chocolates and ice cream, cakes...rarely biscuits or muesli bars.I try to stay out of those aisles completely.

    Vicki; tim tams?? I hate those things. I'm so un-Australian....

    Susan; all they need to know is that I like their product. If you find them over there give them a try.

  11. I do eat a biscuit or two every day with my afternoon tea, but I usually make sure there aren’t any artificial flavours around. I am intolerant to lots of things, unless I’m careful I cause myself problems.

    I thought Special K does breakfast cereals?

  12. I would love these, My gr-daughters would love them.

    I like stuff like this.

  13. Friko; yes Special K is a breakfast cereal, but it is made by Kelloggs and now they're branching out into other areas.

    Susan Kane; they are very nice, but hard not to eat them all at once if you're the sort of person who eats a half packet of biscuit with a coffee.

  14. hi River,
    That is something I would normally never look at twice in the supermarket, but you make them sound pretty good!
    We all need our little treats, after all.
    P.S.: School lunchboxes are indeed a bit tricky these days, the school my kids go to tells the kids they need a sandwich or wrap or some other main meal, at least one piece of fruit and one item of "brain food" (healthy snack). They will indeed question kids who turn up without fruit or brain food, and they watch the kids to make sure they don't throw away the healthy parts of their lunch. They don't go further than that but that's far enough I feel. There are kids from every sort of background and circumstance there and not all bring lunches that fit the criteria I'm sure.


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