it's a tad warm down here in Sth OZ

Today's temperature reached 44.7C, that's about 112.5F.

Anyone foolish enough to be outside for more than five minutes probably felt like sizzling bacon pretty quickly.

Our news program had a story about sharks and jellyfish on the beaches, and there were plenty of people on the sand, looking rather woman they spoke too had shoulders and face that looked remarkably like that middle slice of bacon up there.....

kind of like this, but already wrinkling and leathery, I could see that clearly and she wasn't at all old.

I think back to my childhood and the days I spent at the beach, mostly in the water, and I tanned very easily all spring and early summer, so by the time the heat hit in February, I was browned enough (very brown) to not burn, unless I deliberately sunbaked, and I didn't, and was back in school by February anyway. I'm very grateful now for sunscreen which I have been using daily for twenty years now. 
I've also been wearing sunhats for years and last year finally got myself some prescription sunglasses, instead of those little clip-on ones I was putting over my regular glasses.
Best purchase ever!

our original slip, slop, slap, slogan has now been upgraded to also read, slide on some sunglasses and seek out shade.

great way to advertise.....

and one final message......

please, PLEASE, protect your babies. 
(googled image, thank you to the owner)

don't let this happen to you.

Tomorrow is supposed to only reach 29C, my gosh, it's going to feel almost cold after today.
On the upside, I'll be able to walk outside without frying myself.
And breathe out there without gasping like a fish out of water.
I may even visit the kitty cats, see how they're doing.

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  1. The tangles I got into with Fahrenheit and Celsius when I mentioned temperatures, but you have done it so simply with the image of a thermometer.

    Mother put my baby brother outside in his pram in the shade of the tree. The sun moved, as it does, and Mother lied to her mother as to why her grandchild was bright red. He is staying here for a couple of nights in March while he has some skin cancers removed, which may or may not be related to the above.

  2. Oh River, that baby! I am assuming you have AC?

  3. Oh, that poor little baby!
    It's bad enough knowing the pain you're in for when one gets sunburned.

    These hot days make the nights dreadful. And, hot flushes don't help either :(

    Take care, and let us know how the little kitties are going.

  4. Andrew; I did the same thing with my youngest, put him under a tree, walked inside and looked out the back window to check he was okay, then made the bed. In that short time the sun moved far enough and his scalp and face were quite pink. Not enough to have burned but I felt terrible, he was only six weeks old. I kept him inside for the rest of that summer, which wasn't long, he was born in March.
    I have a chart on my fridge with temperature conversions.

    Gillie; I do now, thanks to my brother. I'd been saving and he helped out with half the money. I'll pay him back one day.

    Vicki; poor baby indeed, that must be so uncomfortable. There were images of other babies looking worse, but I didn't want to frighten people too much.

  5. A baby sunburn story. My friend Linda was exhibiting at a show, where you can see all kinds of of behavior among the public. A couple came past with a red little baby in the stroller. Linda immediately produced her sunscreen bottle. "Here's some sunscreen to put on the baby."
    The woman turned to the man. "See, I told you we didn't need to bring your mother along."

  6. Oh River, that's inhumanly hot. I don't envy you at all as I never, ever coped well in the heat, wilting quite quickly into a messy puddle.

    I can't understand how people let themselves burn to lobster red these days after decades of Slip, Slop, Slap messages. The baby, especially!

    I always burned as a child as I have extremely fair skin and thin white blonde hair, neither of which was suited to South Australia in the summer. No-one knew better in those days and while I stayed in the shade and sat under umbrellas and wore hats and even zinc cream, I still got hammered and have had several skin cancers removed over the years.

    Needless to say I was very vigilant with my own children and my daughter still has milky white skin thanks to sunscreen and being sensible with clothes and hats every day of her life.

  7. I'm glad you are taking precautions against the sun. Sunburns are no fun and skin cancer is 'to die for' if you know what I mean.

  8. What dreadful temperatures. Keep inside as much as you can.

  9. I'm thinking along the same lines as every one else - that poor little baby. I think you're very wise taking all those precautions - cancer doesn't have delete buttons.

  10. Joanne; I feel so sad for that baby, I hope they took advantage of Linda's sunscreen offer? So many people forget a baby's skin is so much more easily burned than an adult. It cheers me so much these days to see babies wearing hats and little sunglasses.

    Marie; I think in my entire childhood I only burned once and not too badly, just my shoulders and nose were peeling a few days later. For the rest of my childish summers I was often mistaken for one of the aboriginals I hung around with, that's how brown I got. Sad to hear you've had several skin cancers removed, I'm thinking of having a mole check done soon. I have quite a few, but I don't think any of them are a problem.

    Delores; I've been taking precautions since I had a flaky patch examined by a dermatologist who said it was just dry skin and recommended vegetable oil based soaps and then told me to start wearing sunscreen. I bought some that same day.

    jabblog; I'm living in my living's much cooler today, so I slathered on the sunscreen and went to visit the cats at my daughter's house.

    Molly; I hope very much that people who read here and don't comment also take in the message and pass it on. Skin cancer is such a silent killer, with melanoma being the worst as it can appear anywhere within the body.

  11. I remember the 44ºC we had a few weekends ago and it was sooooo hot. Since then we've been fortunate to be mainly in the mid to high 30s which I don't enjoy but are a little more bearable (so I am told).
    I did get badly sunburned once when I was about 20 (forget how it happened) and it hurt to wear a bra.
    Mum began with the Hamiltons when I was very young and I've always been careful in the sun as my skin is fair.
    I swam so much when a youngster that I too used to go very brown but still on went the sunburn cream.

  12. Been thinking of you when I see the SA temps.

    It has been hell here, but so much worse for you guys.



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