got things to do today.....

I'm heading off to the local plants, arts and crafts market this morning.
I haven't been for a couple of years and since the weather here is cooler now and I'm less likely to melt while walking there, I'll be wandering up there right after breakfast.

I planned on doing the grocery shopping first, but the market closes at 1pm and the supermarket is open until 5pm...and the craft market is more fun to wander around anyway, so I'm going there first.

Maybe I'll buy stuff....let you know when I get back.


  1. Take pictures so we can go virtual shopping with you.

  2. That market sounds blissful. And so much more fun than a supermarket.

  3. I must say, I need to do more 'wandering' like this.

  4. Oh I was going to chime in that I hope you brought your camera as well! :)

  5. I love the way you rationalize yourself out of feeling guilty for not going to the grocery store.

  6. Yay! A trip to the local markets.
    So happy the weather is more kinder and conducive to a good look-see.
    Looking forward to pics.

  7. Joanne; this is a once a year Market and I don't go every year. It's nice to wander around looking at people's creativity.

    Delores; I didn't take the camera, I'm not sure the stall holders would appreciate photos. Maybe next year I'll take long shots so no person or exclusive items can be identified.

    Elephant's Child; it was a lovely day for wandering, I spent most of the day away from home.

    Fran; yes, go wandering, as long as the weather is good enough.

    Happy Elf Christine; I didn't, but I took photos of stuff I bought.

    lotta joy; I did go to the grocery store, much later.

    Vicki; I didn't take photos, sorry.
    It was a lovely day though. I didn't buy much, I had no way to carry things home that wouldn't fit in my bag.

  8. Sorry I missed this post but have caught up where you told us all about and of the things you bought.


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