stupid walkman? or stupid brain?

I spent most of yesterday trying to put a new playlist on my walkman.

I haven't done this for who-knows-how-long....years for sure. Many years.

It seems I've forgotten how to do it.
I went through my music library, selected a couple of hundred songs, clicked "add to sync list", so far so good....connected the usb....clicked on start sync and things progressed nicely. Then I accidentally clicked the "stop sync" button.
Only two songs were now on my walkman.

No big deal....I'll start over.
Re-selected a couple of hundred songs, minus the two which were already transferred, clicked on start sync.

Then started reading blogs, leaving comments, time know how it goes. Checked in every now and again, the little syncing icon was twirling around, but nothing was being transferred.
I'll leave it a bit longer, see what happens?

Six hours later, there were still only two songs on my walkman.
I must have done something right to begin with, since I now have two songs...but what about the rest? Surely they should have synced over when I reselected and restarted?

I'll be trying again some time today.


  1. Technology, ain't it grand?

  2. Where are all the ten year olds when you need them? :-)

  3. Isn't that so annoying. Good luck with attempt II

  4. Isn't that so annoying. Good luck with attempt II

  5. And not only that - my wayward computer is posting everything up in duplicate. I'm going to smack it.

  6. Once you figure it out, send the directions to me. If fact, write a post about it, so that all of us will learn the how-to.

  7. That's two more songs than I ever got downloaded. Not for want of trying.

  8. Delores; it is grand...when I remember how to use it.

    Marie; in school where they should be. I'm determined to do this myself, after all I did it alone when I first bought the walkman.

    Molly; it is annoying, but I have two other mp3 players I can listen to, so I have time to work on this one.
    You may be accidentally double clicking on publish, if you tap your mouse and you finger bounces...

    Susan Kane; you want the directions for Windows media player? I'm not sure I know how to write directions. Every operating system is a little different. My first computer had Windows98,when I bought the walkman I was with WindowsXP, now I have Windows7...

    Joanne; I'm sure you can get it worked out if you want it badly enough. I use my mp3 players when I feel the need to hear my favourite songs, things that are cheery when I'm doing a major cleaning, or if I'm travelling and will be on a bus for hours at a time. you also have three granchildren who could probably do this in their sleep.

  9. Always blame the machine, never blame yourself, thats my motto.

  10. Good luck. I gave the skinny one an iPod and the problems he has had...

  11. Don't you just hate it when things go wrong? I know I do! I have little patience...and it seems to be growing less as I grow older! lol

    I think you did the best thing...walk away from it for a while...and then face it again...calmer! ;)

  12. Merle; in this case I think the machine might be at fault, I haven't updated the songs in years and I had a different laptop back then. I'm making progress though. Very slow progress.

    Elephant's Child; I found the i-pod easier originally, but haven't tried lately. Their system is to tick the boxes to select the songs you want, plug in the ipod then select sync or replace all. I hope that hasn't changed.

    Andrew; the idea with Windows Media is to drag and drop a whole selection of songs into a sync list, then click on start sync. From there everything should transfer easily. Instead I'm only able to do 4-5 songs at a time, instead of the 200 I want.

    Lee; walking away is what I do best and while I'm calming down something else gets done, like the dishes. It's a good system.

  13. Ugh- it's not you, it's iTunes (if you use iTunes). I find it very temperamental, and it has got worse the more they've added into it.
    I spent a frustrating hour last night trying to synch and re-synch and still not working out why some things were synching and some not, even though all the things I wanted were ticked.

  14. Just a thought. Remove the two songs already synced. Try it from there and see what happens.


  15. Hi River,

    I have similar problems with iTunes sometimes.

    Plug it in - will it resync?

    Will it sit there twiddling its cyber thumbs?

    Should I hit it with a metaphorical software hammer?

    I think the answer to the last question is a definite YES! Now all I have to do is write the code ...




  16. Like klahanie, I'd suggest removing the two songs off it and start again.
    If you haven't seen it already, copy and paste this link, it might help:

    I have an iPod, so, sorry I can't help with the Sony.
    Good luck.

  17. Jackie K; I'm not using I-tunes right now, that library is waiting its turn. I'm using windows media for a small Sony Walkman which doesn't work through I-tunes because it isn't an Apple product. Something I hadn't know when I bought it way back in 2004.

    Klahanie; no, I left them on and went more slowly, selecting just a few at a time. It will just take a whole lot longer than I'd like.

    Plasman; as soon as you invent that metaphorical software hammer, let me know!

    Vicki; I made the mistake of removing the entire original library off it, now that I've managed to get a couple of dozen songs back onto it, I don't want to do that again. I'll continue with the slower than slow method of 4-5 songs at a time.

  18. It's all way beyond me...I don't even have a walkman or any of that technology. I just use CDs or an old tape occasionally.


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