winter food in the heat of summer

Yesterday I woke up hungry for chicken wings.
Devilled chicken wings. 
It's a winter dish that I cook several times between Easter and October.

It is still hot here, but a cool change with a little rain is on the way, so I'd say autumn is in sight.
Way off in the distance, but if you squint your eyes a bit.....

It would appear that my stomach is heartily sick of lettuce and whatever other salad ingredient I happen to have on hand, so I checked the fridge for lemon juice, (yes, got some), put on a load of washing and headed to the shop for chicken wings.

Got home, hung out the washing and got busy in the kitchen.
Measure, mix, peel, chop, stir, put the whole lot in a baking dish, put into pre-heated oven and clean up the mess.

Turn on the computer and read blogs etc while waiting for that delicious devilled chicken wings aroma to spread from kitchen to living room.
Oh....there it is...yum.

So, devilled chicken wings, mashed potato and broccoli for dinner last night.

Tonight? Leftover wings, chips (home made), and the last of that delicious baking sauce.
Heated of course. 
And broccoli, since there is half a head left from yesterday.
I have a happy tummy.

There is only so much lettuce I can take. I wasn't raised on daily salad, to my mum lettuce is rabbit food, (her dad raised prize winning rabbits), so it never made an appearance on our table. I've learned to eat salad, but only so much and not every day.
My tummy was definitely saying enough is enough on the lettuce front.
We did eat potato and bacon salad in my childhood, but only in summer, and not too often.
In my mum's eyes, if food wasn't cooked it couldn't be eaten. Dinner was hot food, breakfast was hot cooked porridge....fried get the idea.

I'm fairly sure I've posted the recipe for these, maybe last year, maybe the year before.....but I'll post it again if anybody asks. It doesn't have to be wings either, drumsticks work just as well.


  1. Sounds may be winter and unreasonably cold here but we've been eating salads.

  2. I hate lettuce all my salads have none in it, I often use mango or something I like thats a bit different.
    But I know what you are getting at sometime you just want a big hot dinner in the middle of summer no matter how hot it is.

  3. I have never heard of deviled chicken of any kind.

    I can understand tiring of the same foods. It is important to mix it up.

  4. The weather boffins are promising us cooler weather and blessed rain in a day or two as well. They have lied rather too often recently so I will believe it when I see it.
    And salads still have my vote here. And fruit. The skinny one has been eating cooked dinners though.

  5. Delores; I don't believe I've ever eaten salad in the winter. Maybe lettuce and tomato on a burger, or coleslaw on a hotdog, but that's it.

    Merle; there are so many different kinds of lettuce, all are far better than plain old iceberg. Some are more flavourful than others.

    Robin; I'll see if I can find what day I posted it so you can see the recipe.

    Elephant's Child; we have cooler weather and rain today, so you should get it soon too. Unfortunately I can't open my home to the fresh air as there is some kind of bad smell outside. Maybe from the big willow type tree out the front, or maybe someone upstairs is smoking some kind of very strong illegal substance.

  6. Are you anticipating the change of season as much as we are? They've been long ones, no matter which side of the equator.

  7. Joanne; heck yes!! I'm desperate for some cooler, more breathable air. We have coolness and rain today.

    Robin, have reposted the recipe for you.

  8. Lost of Western Australia have rain but we on the south-west coast have NONE and it hasn't rained where we lived for about 3 months now....not one lousy drop.
    We are so sick of days above 30C and mainly in the mid 30s. No sign of rain at all.
    I am hoping to find the recipe for the chicken as it sounds delicious.
    I love iceberg lettuce but don't like any of the others at all. My daughter is not a lettuce fan but then she's a bit funny about vegies. We eat lettuce, tomato, cucumber, beetroot, mushrooms, celery in our salad each day and I make potato salad and coleslaw too. Hardly any room left of the plate for the protein.

  9. I think any food gets monotonous with repetition. I had neighbours in Adelaide who used to have something cooked in the Weber EVERY night of the year. We wondered how they could stand it - I know we got heartily sick of the smell.

    I love cooking and food preparation, so I opt for variety and make salads based on wheat berries with additions like halloumi cheese and white beans or quinoa with apple and spinach or a broccoli, grape and pasta salad. But lettuce features as well. And my gran's lovely cucumber and onion salad that I can't get enough of. But I also know that after weeks of hot weather no-one wants to be in the kitchen cooking and adding to the heat.

    I've not had devilled wings before. Mum made devilled drumsticks for picnics but never wings.


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