Time-Out Tuesday

Nothing to see here folks, move along now, move along....

(picture a policeman breaking up a crowd)


  1. Tuts, you not supposed to be even ON the web!

  2. Enjoy your time out.

  3. River, you're a star. How can you write a blog about nothing and have a pocketful of comments. Love it!!

  4. I wonder if this could be a post that receives the most comments ever.

  5. ... and with nothing posted about. Let's see :)

  6. See you on the morrow perhaps? Yes of course it will be Wednesday!!

  7. When I hear the whole "move along" I think of our bolshie swans who march up and try and keep people away from their nesting sites. Like this bloke.

    He lives in the pond down the road nd he patrols this piece of land and as you approach he comes with his "Hello, hello and what do we have here" expression on his face. Followed by a hiss and a "Bugger off!"

  8. That's a lovely photo, Marie.

  9. Gillie; pre-scheduled late on Monday evening.

    Delores; I did and plan to continue every Tuesday.

    Molly; I'm surprised myself. All these comments.....

    Andrew; possibly.

    Vicki; I'm surprised you all showed up even though I wasn't here.

    Joanne; Wednesday now and I'm back.

    Mimsie; I can't miss Wednesdays, that's my Whimsy day.

    Marie; bolshie swans? That's fantastic!


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