phooey on spammers

I've just spent a half hour going through my comments pages and deleting the spam comments.
They're easy to recognise.
I scroll through each page of comments looking at the names of commenters, when I see a name I don't recognise, I'll glance at that comment. If it's genuine, I'll leave it; if it's spam I tick the check box, then scroll up again and mark it as spam.
After I've done about ten pages, I open up the spam folder and delete those comments.

When I first began doing this a few years ago, I removed about 100 or so spam comments. It's gradually reduced over time and for a while there weren't any at all. But they're beginning to do the rounds again and today I deleted 15 spam comments from the first seven comment pages. 

Once you've deleted a particular name as spam, any further comments by that person don't make it to the public comments section of future posts, although they may still show up on the private comments pages to be deleted. Usually the spammer tries different names to get through, but if the spam content is the same, my system picks it up as spam and the comment doesn't become public. 

I've heard there are still a few spam emails going around in my name from the time my email address list got hacked into. If you are getting these, I'm sorry. There's nothing I can do about it, but you could mark each email as spam, then delete them again from your email spam folder, that usually puts an end to it. The key is in deleting it twice. once from your email page where you have marked it as spam, then a second time from your spam email folder.


  1. You have to wonder whether anyone buys the products/services the spammers are pushing?
    Tiresome lot.

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  3. Oh dear, River I see you have another interesting website for us to visit.
    I'm annoyed at gmail for putting ads at the top of my mail and when I delete them they have the cheek to ask why.

  4. Elephant's Child; I certainly hope not. I think most of them are just people trying to learn English. The rest are selling stuff nobody wants or needs.

    joeh; you fake spammer you!! very funny, I actually laughed out loud and woke up the cat.

    JahTeh; what website would that be? Not joeh's whatacrock?
    I don't get gmail ads, thankfully.

  5. The world is full of too many idiots. Their diet obviously is 100% spam!

  6. .. sorry to hear you are being bothered by spammers, River...
    I hope it all goes away for you....'hugs... Barb xxx

  7. Good tips. I haven't received a spam email from you for more than a week. I used to get spam that the blogger spam filter would catch, but now many are getting through. I delete them as soon as I see them.

  8. I never liked Spam on here or in a can:) Hug B

  9. Spam Heads. Shame on them. Thanks for the
    good tip.

  10. So that's where the spam came from! ;-)

  11. I find that Blogger does a pretty good job of stopping spam. However, every once in a while the spammers figure out a way to get through and there's a flood of them. Then all of a sudden they slow back down to a trickle--I'm guessing the breach has been fixed again.

  12. Lee; canned spam? It's nice sliced and fried if you're hungry and there isn't anything else available. But one can a decade is enough!

    Barbara; the comments aren't making it here to the public page, only to the comments folder on the posts page where everything is listed from day one to now. I just like to go in there and clear things up once a month or so.

    Andrew; swift deletion seems to be the key.

    Buttons Thoughts; I've tried spam and turkey spam; edible but not going to be a regular part of my diet.

    Manzanita; good idea to keep an eye on the back workings of your blog, any spam caught in there and deleted goes back to the sender, or so I'm told.

    The Cranky; here and other places; those cheeky spammers hack anybody :(

    Kathy G; blogger does a great job, but I still like to get into the files and clear what gets caught in there. When you mark something as spam, your computer recognises when similar names and letter combinations are used again, then blocks them. Once in a while a spammer will come up with something not used before and because the computer (or Blogger)doesn't recognise it, the comment gets through. Once you mark it as spam and delete it, future comments of the same kind are blocked.


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