awww, rats!

I'm having a problem with the book I downloaded from the library, Whispers, by Belva Plain.

It's on my computer and I downloaded it to my kindle also, where it showed in the index right away. I didn't start reading it right away, because I was finishing Robyn Engel's Woman on the Verge of Paradise.

An interesting read, although I had expected a fiction novel.

So I finished Robyn's book, then searched for Whispers to begin reading. 
It wasn't there. 
It had disappeared, so I tried downloading it again and a window popped up saying "this destination already carries this file". 
No, it doesn't! Because I can't find it there. 
Tried again. Same result. 

Never mind, I thought. I'll read it on the computer screen. But it won't open.
I may have to go to the library after all and get the actual book.
And now I'm annoyed.


  1. Ah! The wonders of modern technology. Hope your ebook comes back but then, it's always nice reading a paper book.
    P.S. What did you think of the last Lee Child book? I thought it somewhat different to previous books.

  2. Elephant's Child; Andrew has the answer I think. Apparently the file is only on loan to one address and is corrupted if I try to share it with others. Since I sent it to Andrew before I tried to read it myself, it now won't open for either of us.

    Mimsie; it won't 'come back'. Read my answer to EC above. The last Lee Child? That's "Make Me" and I read it several months ago. It's not quite the same as all the earlier ones, but better than the one preceding which was "Personal". I think perhaps he is struggling to find new ways to write Jack Reacher and should stop the series.

    1. Yes, I know "Make Me" was a while back but was just wanting your considered opinion of the book. I rather tend to agree with you. As with many series either books or TV series, I feel they must come to an end before they become too stale. The only series I would have like to see go on was "West Wing" when they had the new president.

  3. Clever file then, it knows more people want to read it!...Good luck with it.

  4. That is so frustrating! Damn and double damn.

  5. Computers are great....except when they're not.

  6. Well, bummer. I've never gotten any e-books from the library, so I'm not quite sure how it works. I take it the book isn't included in the mess of books you can "manage" on your Kindle? One time, an e-book I'd purchased didn't show up on my Kindle, so I had to go and download it again from that "managing" site. (Dontcha love my technical lingo? HA!)

  7. Technology...can't live with it, can't live without it!

    I guess could you open a new email address and download again? Probably need a new ip address, better to buy the book.

  8. All we want is something that works & we end up with technology!!

  9. Margaret-whiteangel; the library must have some sort of check on their system.

    The Cranky; at least I know now, not to share library files.

    Kathy G; they are great, as long as we understand the rules.

    Susan; I could 'manage' it if I'd bought it from one of many e-book sites; but not a borrowed book from the library. I deleted the file and tried to 'borrow' it again, but it says there are 0 e-copies available. For my email address anyway.

    joeh; too much trouble to open another email site. I'll zip over to Amazon and buy it.

    fishducky; the system works, the problem was mine in trying to share a borrowed file. I know not to do that now.


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