a little help please? from Australian readers.

I'm searching for a new room heater for the winter. Something portable that I can move between bedroom and bathroom.

I'm looking for a very particular heater, 
a 1200W 3-bar portable oscillating halogen electric heater. 
I have one, which still works, but it's not in the best condition since I dropped it. The case has come apart on one side. I could probably lever it back together with a screwdriver........

These used to be available everywhere several years ago, then only in supermarkets, for two years only, then in the "cheap" shops such as The Reject Shop and Cheap as Chips. Now I can't find one anywhere.

I've been online at all the usual stores, then went to ebay and Amazon.
ebay has them, but in the UK and they don't ship them to Australia.
Amazon has a slightly different model which is fine, but also doesn't ship them to Australia.

Why are these heaters no longer allowed in this country?  They're effective and efficient. 
Last year I was able to find a smaller 800W 2-bar version, but in terms of heating more than my feet when it is right beside me, it's completely useless. 

Can anyone out there please let me know if they find where I can purchase a:
 1200W portable oscillating Halogen 3-bar electric heater. 
Must be new. 
I don't want a used one, since I can't be sure how old it might be or how well (or not) it has been treated.


  1. Must be the cool weather causing everyone to be thinking about heating. I can't offer any help but what makes you think they are not allowed here?

  2. Hi Elsie. It's not the heaters that aren't allowed into Australia, just the businesses selling them choose not to be bothered with posting to Oz. Come across this all the time with eBay and Amazon. It's so frustrating. I hope you find your heater before winter sets in. Oh boy, I hope winter hurries up. I'm currently in Townsville sweating up a storm. The thought of a heater sends chills down my spine, lol!

    Denise :-)

  3. The black one I've got doesn't oscillate, but it heats really well, and it has wheels, so it's easily transportable. I think I got it from K-Mart online. Have a look next time you're here.

  4. Will have a look as I look around.
    Bunnings don't have one.

  5. Sorry not seen them only have a small fan heater as we have a fireplace.

  6. Andrew; because they're not available in the shops here and overseas dealers won't ship them here. I went to Amazon and the site said can not be shipped to my suburb.

    Denise Covey; then the businesses should be ashamed. Don't they realise they may be losing customers? Or is it that the customers will have to buy the more expensive options available?

    no-one; I'll have a look, but I think it isn't halogen and those are cheaper to run. Then again, I wouldn't be running it all day.

    Elephant's Child; I'm starting my search early, so if the shops get them in, I'll know in time.

    Margaret-whiteangel; I've been to Bunnings and saw the selection, mostly outdoor heating for BBQ areas.

    Merle; I'd love a fireplace, but that would only warm one room and I need something I can move around. My bathroom/laundry is a fairly large space and I like to warm it before showering in winter.

  7. http://www.appliancesonline.com.au/dyson-hot-cool-air-multiplier-300110-01/


    I don't know if these are of any help, River. They're not cheap.

  8. joeh; you're right, not my kind of hot. It's possible some might be available in the autumn, shops don't usually sell heaters in the summer. but the type I want may not be available at all.

    Lee; dyson is way out of my budget and fan heaters are the most expensive to run. Thanks anyway, I'll keep looking.


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