love this article I just read at not always right dot com

(It’s Valentine’s Day and we’re packed with people buying candy and flowers. A woman dressed in black and pink comes up to the register with a bag of Hershey kisses. She’s wearing small pink faerie wings strapped to her back.)

Me: “So, you just winging it today?”

Faerie Lady: *laughs and tears open the bag of candy* “Here!”

Me: “What?”

Faerie Lady: *drops a handful of Hershey kisses on the counter* “Now you can say you got kisses from a stranger on Valentine’s Day!”

(She then giggled and skipped off into the store, stopping once to give my coworker gathering carts a few more pieces of candy and repeating what she said to me. She must have waited 45 minutes, just so she could buy some candy to give to strangers. Kinda made my day.)


  1. Now that's what it's all about...wonderful! So much fun. :)

  2. One of my favorite websites :-)

  3. I love nutty people...when I'm not married to them.

  4. Hi River,

    Valentine's Day - BAHH!!!!

    Nice tale though.




  5. You would have to be very, very sad not to smile at that.

  6. ... great way to start the day... Kisses from a stranger .Made me smile..
    Hugs ... Barb xxxx

  7. Kinda made my day too River! Love it when you come across precious snippets to share! Hope your VD was lovely!

  8. People like that are my kinda people...

  9. Lee; we occasionally had customers who would do things like this, at Easter and Christmas, a flower for each woman on staff on Mother's Day. it was nice.

    Grace; a very lovely thing to do.

    Kathy G; as an ex-chechout chook, I love it over there.

    Linda Kay; and such a nice thing to do.

    joeh; heh :)

    Joanne; puts a smile on people's faces for sure.

    Plasman; it is a nice tale.

    fishducky; me too!

    Elephant's Child; I smiled from ear to ear.

    Barbara; not just kisses, CHOCOLATE kisses! That's the best kind.

    Denise Covey; I love finding sweet things on the internet.

    Vicki; I can imagine you doing this.


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