I've just discovered I can download books from my library to my computer.

This means if I read about a good book on someone's blog, I can go to the library website, check the catalogue and if it is available as a download, I won't have to make a trip to the library.
in this awful summer heat, I quite enjoy the library which is nice and cool, but waiting around for the bus to get there and back isn't fun.

Plus I always get way more books than the one I wanted, which creates the problem of having to return them. 
On time. 
Most of the time the books are so good I want to keep them, a practice the library frowns upon.
So I start a to-buy list and hope I can find them in the shops here or on-line.

Less than half an hour ago, I read about Whispers, by Belva Plain. I recognised the author as one I've read before and liked the stories, so of course I want to read this one. Perhaps I can even email the file to friends? It might be a little large, perhaps my server won't allow it, but I could try.

 It is an inside out look of an abused family who to the world are the perfect high society happy family.


  1. That sounds like a real win. Books without leaving the house...

  2. I read a review about that books somewhere or other not that long ago, I think.

    That sure beats you having to go out in the heat. The benefits of the internet just get better and better. :)

  3. It seems we can download ebooks from our public libraries but not so easily if you are tied to Kindle. Any book I have from Amazon that I have downloaded to my Kindle, free or paid for, I can watch on my Android tablet and I can transfer the file to my partner's tablet.

    1. Oh yes, have a crack at sending the book to me. I like the sound of it.

  4. ... that's wonderful River.... happy reading....
    ..hugs.. Barb xxx

  5. Our library offers the same service, which is a real boon to me as it's too far for me to drive even on my good days. Yay for getting books!

  6. It's a great idea.
    My late dad had a 'Reader', I would select books for him with his approval at an online library. Three would come at a time, when returned in the post, three more would arrive. It's a good system for my blind dad when he was alive. They were DVD's, and dad could choose the voice that he liked...

  7. My little library is tied into a system that serves all the libraries in NE Ohio. All their books are available, in all the formats. My sister is big into books for her kindle and for her IPad. I go for the audio books. The girls like going to the library to pick up real books that have come to them from all over the state.

  8. Hi River,

    That's what my Kindle is for (although I have to pay for most books sadly).




  9. My long comment disappeared! Oh well - In the USA most libraries have this feature. I download to my iPad, my husband downloads to his Nook; I just discovered that some library books can be downloaded from Amazon (I have Kindle and Nook apps on my iPad) and you can also read them directly in your browser so no apps really needed at all. They have audio books available too. Of course the price is the best part - FREE.

  10. Elephant's Child; there's so much now that can be had without leaving the house. All I need now is an indoor swimming pool and I'm set for life.

    Andrew; I downloaded to my computer and from there to my kindle. I'll have a go at sending it to you.

    Barbara; I'm always happy reading.

    The Cranky; libraries here have been a little slower offering this service, but we're catching up. Not all books are available though.

    Margaret-whiteangel; that was a great system for your dad.

    Joanne; I don't think I would like audio books, it would seem too much like television to me. I prefer the images my mind creates when I read the words for myself. I'm really happy that Laura and Emile go to the library, I have wonderful library memories of my own from that age.

    Plasman; mine too. I download to my laptop, then to my kindle via USB. That way I have two files in case one option fails.

    Grace; I hate when comments disappear! I don't have any apps for anything, no iPad, no smart phone. I'm almost an old-fashioned girl. with a computer and a kindle.

    joeh; yes, it most certainly is! :)

  11. Andrew; check your email, let me know if it came through.

    Anyone else want to try this?


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