I've been to a party

A picnic style garden party, with tables & stools under umbrellas, picnic rugs and cushions scattered about, green green grass, leafy trees and perfect weather. 
It was fabulous. 
I've never seen so many lovely people in one place before. Many of them were young people, friends of the engaged couple, about half that many were adults, family and friends.
Little groups of people, constantly changing,  as people mingled and chatted, a professional photographer wandering around taking candid snaps.
I mingled a little, and had some lovely chats with people whose names I will never remember. 

All food was finger food style, there was a giant bag filled with french bread sticks next to a platter of cheeses with knives, I ate several chunks of bread slathered with camembert, along with carrot and celery sticks. Other foods were carried around on platters then left on a table for people to help themselves.
Along one edge of the verandah were several tubs and eskies holding ice and assorted drinks, there was ice water on tap and two lovely glass dispensers with punch and sangria. 
Halfway through the afternoon, platters with miniature burgers began making the rounds, I tried one even though I was fairly well stuffed with bread and cheese, and they were very yummy.

I took some photos, not many, but haven't processed them yet, any with people's faces probably won't make it to the blog, but garden photos will. It's a large garden and looks very different from when they first moved in there. Parts have been neatened, other parts rearranged, the old fountain has been rebuilt and retiled, other sections have had complete overhauls and look far better. 

Near the end of the afternoon, the engaged couple made a short speech thanking everyone for coming and celebrating with them, after that the party got a lot more casual, with young people jumping into the pool and splashing around, getting a little rowdy.

Truly a wonderful day.


  1. Wonderful. Was at Granny River or Auntie River? Maybe both.

  2. Seems as if you had a glorious time....in your new clothes too!
    Look forward to seeing the photos..

  3. Hi River,

    mmmm Camembert ...




  4. It sounds like a lovely time, looking forward to the photos.

  5. You paint a charming picture. Wish we were there.

  6. What a lovely way to spend a day.

  7. It sounds absolutely lovely. I am so glad you enjoyed it - and I am looking forward to the garden photos at least. Did the photographer catch any of you in your finery? I hope so.

  8. *sigh* it sounds so fun. And the weather held up as well, bonus.

  9. It sounds like it was a wonderful party, River. I'm sure you looked lovely in your new clothes, too...so very suitable for an afternoon party.

    To be one among happy people participating and sharing in the fun is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. :)

  10. Andrew; was at a family member property in the hills.

    Margaret-whiteangel; I'm not a party person, being very shy and not comfortable with talking much, but it went well and I enjoyed it.

    Plasman; that's about what I said, there was Brie there too and several kinds of cheddar.

    The Cranky; photos will be of the garden mostly, I promised my family in the past that I wouldn't put their faces on the internet. Some of them are all over Facebook, but I will honour my original promise.

    Joanne; you would have loved it, the garden, the sunshine, the people.

    Delores; you too would have loved it.

    fishducky; that's a hat trick.

    Elephant's Child; the photographer took photos of just about everybody; I'll get to see some of those eventually. I think there's a plan to have an album made for the happy couple.

    Happy Elf Christine; it was a perfect summer day, around 33C with an occasional cool breeze.

    Lee; it was a fabulous day, but I was tired by the time I got home, not used to so much chatting and eating.


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