Thursday Thoughts # 81

from I Shall Wear Midnight by Terry Pratchett:

"Tiffany did not have to look to know who was talking. Only Daft Wullie could put his foot in it as far up as his neck. She looked down at his beaming little face. And he never did quite understand what it was that he was doing wrong."

"He always got nervous when talking about his wife, Tiffany knew. He loved her to distraction, and the thought of her even frowning in his direction turned his knees to jelly."

Today's Thoughts:

I've mentioned before how much I dislike clothes shopping. I have no idea what looks good, what looks good with anything else, what looks good on me. 
I see other women walking around looking nice, but when I shop I usually end up with just another one of whatever I had that has now worn out. 

But now there's an "event" on the horizon. And I need to look nice. 
Let's be Frank here, or Earnest, if that's who you prefer, I'm terrified of getting it wrong. 
Which is why I continue to wear shabby shorts and ten year old t-shirts.

My older daughter suggested she come shopping with me to help. 
Oh, yes please! 
The girl has good taste. 
She's classy. And she didn't get that from me. 

So off we went and in almost no time at all, I had a nice pair of casual 3/4 pants 

 with a bit of bling down the outside seam near the hem, 

 (it's a little blurry)
 a nice breezy black blouse with small white polka dots,
and three tucks down either side of the buttons,

and a lovely handbag in a classic style that won't date, not too soon anyway,

 in a colour to match the pants. 

I already had decent 'neat casual' shoes. Flat heels, extremely comfortable.

I have never worn anything with polka dots in my life, I've never liked spots; but as soon as T picked out the blouse, I could see that it would go really well with the chosen pants.

So here I am, all set for the happy event, and the clothes were on sale, so they didn't break the budget at all. Which left enough in the kitty for the good handbag. 

And the clothes aren't so classy that I'm out of my comfort zone.

The event? my grand daughter's engagement party.


  1. You are going to be one classy Granny.

  2. Thank goodness for classy daughters. They make life more comfy.

  3. You are going to look amazing.
    And I hate, loathe and despise clothes shopping too. And am woeful at it.

  4. Mazel tov for your granddaughter's engagement--don't steal too much of the limelight in your snazzy new clothes!!

  5. You will look lovely, River.

    I love the blouse and the 3/4 pants; very smart. You can never go wrong with black and white, either. The polka-dots looks so fresh and alive. The whole outfit will look great; and you, my friend, will feel and look beautiful in it.

    I hate clothes shopping, too. Having to try clothes on in the dressing rooms is not my kind of fun. I do all my clothes shopping online these days...and shoe shopping as well. I do it the lazy way. :)

    1. Damn! I hit the "Publish" before I finished. I meant to say, also, enjoy the party. :)

  6. All good. The handbag looks very classy. Look after it and don't overfill it, as women are inclined to do.

  7. joeh; thank you.

    Joanne; they sure do. i joked with her about turning up in ratty shorts, because it's summer and the party is picnic style outside, that's when she suggested helping me shop.

    Elephant's Child; thanks :) I hate the fact that most things don't fit well. I'm a bit on the fat side, maybe more than a bit, but I'm also short at only 5 feet, so everything that fits around me is way too long and not just in pants length.

    fishducky; thank you and my grand daughter thanks you. There's no chance at all of me stealing any limelight.

    Lee; Thank you. the 3/4 pants are great since I don't have to take up the hem. Because I'm short they come to just a few inches above my ankles, so still hide the ugly varicose veins :) The part I hate most about fitting rooms is seeing my belly in those mirrors, it looks like a plastic bag over-filled with lumpy custard. Thank goodness for clothes!

    Andrew; I never overfill my handbags, I just can't carry too much weight without getting very achy in the neck and shoulders.

  8. Well you are going to look splendid.
    Love the shoes and bag along with the top and 3/4 pants with bling.
    Have a lovely time when the day arrives.

  9. I approve everything, you'll look great and don't lend anything to Andrew, he never gives it back.

  10. Margaret-whiteangel; I've never had pants with bling before, I'm quite excited about them.

    JahTeh; I wouldn't dream of lending anything to Andrew, we have quite different tastes anyway.

  11. Grand daughter's engagement? I was thinking strike three in matrimony.

  12. I really like the outfit. Sometime can we see you in it? :)

  13. You will look wonderful we expect pictures.


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