Whimsical Wednesday # 216

Welcome back to Whimsical Wednesday!

The day for your googled giggle that gets you over the hump that is Wednesday and sliding down into the weekend.

Truth in Advertising.
How very unusual!


  1. I would do a double look, then I'd go in to see what's for sale.

  2. I am with Susan Kane. I would be inside quickly.

  3. Not me the sign would make me turn in the opposite direction. I find the sign heartless.

  4. .. I wouldn't be attracted to go in and look ... the sign is a bit too off-putting for me.
    ...hugs.. Barb xxx

  5. fishducky; me too!

    Susan Kane; I'd be inside looking at stuff too.

    Andrew; exactly, why not?

    Elephant's Child; I'm right behind you. I love antique stores.

    Lee; the shop would draw me, I don't mind looking at dead people's things. I find the sign more quirky than off-putting. It's truth.

    Barbara; not me, the sign doesn't bother me and I would be in the shop with Susan, EC, and fishducky.

  6. I've got lots of dead people's goods. True. Absolutely.

    Read 'Dead Souls', by Gogol. A man travels Russia buying dead serfs as employees on his farm. It's a tax dodge, a bit like negative gearing.

  7. I suppose that's rather a blunt way of putting :)

  8. R.H. I believe you. I haven't heard of that book, I'll see if the library has it.

    Margaret-whiteangel; blunt, but true.

  9. Wellll... here, we call them "estate sales." They're sort of like garage sales, but for dead people.

  10. I rather like estate sales and vastly prefer the thought of someone getting the use of my things, to thinking they'll just molder away in a refuse heap.

  11. It's the honest truth. No point sugar coating it... and they didn't :)

    I'd go for a look see, might find something interesting.

  12. We call it Deceased Estate; relatives tear through the loved ones belongings in what looks like a riot, grabbing armfulls of anything valuable whilst shrieking abuse at each other. The furniture mostly goes to auction along with contents of cupboards and drawers. The cupboard/drawer contents are dumped into cardboard boxes. These boxes contain knives and forks, photos, diaries, broken biros, love letters, toasters, gas bills, scissors, party invitations, electric kettles, prescription glasses, pots and pans, birthday cards, dinner plates, rubber bands and so on...

    Darlings you may be deceased, but your estate never is.


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