Calendar Tuesday # 2

It's time for Calendar Tuesday again. 
 I believe I mentioned last month that the first Tuesday of each month, I will be featuring the photo of that month from each of my calendars.

This is the February image from the Violent Veg calendar,

a little risque, but fun.

a dining table graces the February page of my Country Homes calendar.

the fabulous Suzy Toronto calendar.
I'm disappointed this is no longer hanging in my bathroom. The pages are too heavy and the weight has torn the little hanging holes, so I have it propped up in the bedroom instead.

"never underestimate the power of chocolate."

Dip It In'll be fine!

Here is the text:

"If there's one thing I can depend on in my wild, wacky, upside-down, inside-out world, it's my undying love for chocolate. It's the most delicious relationship I've ever had!
Rich, yummy chocolate is my happy place, my comfort food, and my one true love.
Whether it's solid, liquid, or hot, there's nothing quite like a mouthful of that decadent concoction I call "pure joy."
It calms me when I'm stressed, lifts me up when I'm down, comforts me when I'm blue, and simply makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
With a power like that, why would I ever want chicken soup to soothe my troubled soul?
So the next time I hit one of life's proverbial roadblocks, my first inclination will be to simply drench the whole issue in chocolate...and maybe, just maybe, myself as well.
Because you know what?
It's a lot cheaper than therapy-and way more delicious!"

I like the little images scattered around the numbers page too.

an inquisitive little kitty,

a top hat,

and a week's worth of hearts surrounding Valentine's Day.

I forgot to photograph the images on the January numbers page, a flag on Australia Day and a party hat on New Year's Day.


  1. Love the little decorations on the days. The kitty is the best.

  2. What fabulous calendars! As much as I enjoy vegetables, I'd like them even more if they were a bit risque from time to time. :)

  3. I like that last calendar. A celebration of all things chocolate.

  4. Some of the best things in life are chocolate...
    Love that kitty. And the kitchen is so stylish it puts me to shame.

  5. Chocolate should have a food group of its own!!

  6. Thought something wrong when I clicked 'publish'. Take two. They are cute little images on the last calendar. The kitchen has nice clean lines, not cluttered but nor clinical.

  7. Joanne; just enough tiny images to make the numbers pages more interesting.

    Susan; would it help to slice and serve them in different ways?

    Delores; That's just February. March is a completely different subject.

    Elephant's Child; there's no better comfort food for some situations. But there are times when only mashed potatoes and gravy will do.
    I like that kitchen too.

    fishducky; yes it should. Most definitely.

    Andrew; I do like a nice uncluttered kitchen. And I would have one if I had more storage space.

  8. What a good calendar. Those little creators and hat and cute on the days/squares.

  9. Margaret-whiteangel; it's a fabulous calendar; if only it wasn't too heavy to hang. I'm going to buy some of those reinforcing rings and see if that helps.

  10. chocolate is sexual. The two go together well. Just an idea......

  11. Mohave Rat; I've heard that before. For me, chocolate is comfort food.

  12. Cute calendars. I've none like that at all. Actually, I only have one half the size of an A-4 sheet of paper on my bedside table. It was issued by a local real estate agency and is magnetised on the rear, but I won't be sticking it on to anything. It's all I need. Oh...I lie...I did print one off from the Net and it is here on my desk amongst all the rest of my junk. I must tidy my desk!

    As for chocolate...I always have a few blocks of dark chocolate in my fridge for those "just in case" moments!

  13. Felt for the corn's predicament.
    I love chocolate but.........
    Great idea the little illustrations on the days and that kitty is a delight.
    That kitchen would suit me fine.
    My calendars are very mundane in comparison but I do love mine that has different frangipani each month.

  14. Lee; I search for calendars that appeal to me every year, but don't always find one. I got lucky this time with three. Chocolate? None in my house right now, not since Christmas and today I'm really craving some.

    Mimsie; I've had mundane calendars in the past and never buy them anymore. I want something I'll enjoy looking at all year.


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