Sunday Selections # 264

Welcome back to Sunday Selections!

This once-a- week-meme was originally begun by Kim of Frog Ponds Rock, as a way to showcase some of the many photos we all take, but don't get around to showing on our blogs.

The rules are very simple:-
1. post photos of your choice, old or new, under the Sunday Selections title
2. link back to me, River, somewhere in your post
3. leave me a comment so that I know you've joined in and can come over and see what you've posted.
4. hop on over to Elephant’s Child to see more of her wonderful photos.
  Andrew often joins in too.

I usually go with a theme for my Sunday Selections and this week we're travelling back in time to March 2011, visiting the Fisherman's Wharf Market. These photos were taken with my old Canon Powershot, my first digital camera and have remained untouched. No blog name, no resizing; they are just as I took them.

this little pink and gold dish intrigued me; a dip in the middle, a handle on each end,

and quite narrow. What on earth could it have been used for?

a very old fashioned bean slicer. Bundles of green beans were fed in through the slot, while the handle was turned and three sharp blades on the other side sliced the beans neatly.

one of many secondhand book stalls

and another one.

when I found this photo, I remembered I'd planned to go back one day and buy one or two of these colourful quilts. I haven't been back yet! Really must do something about that.

heaven for a three year old boy, or his grand-dad collector.

who out there remembers chamber pots? We had one under the double bed my sister and I shared, but I was never comfortable squatting on or over it, so I navigated by moonlight to the dunny down the back corner of the yard, or held on until morning.

and here is an entire boudoir set for one's morning ablutions. If one was rich enough, a maid would take care of the emptying and cleaning of these items. 


and boots,

made from..

old jeans.  You'll notice they have strap handles, so they are actually boot shaped bags.

I loved this jade carving of a horse,

and wanted to buy this licorice allsort cookie barrel. I wonder if it is still there?

remember these old fashioned table clamp meat mincers? feed chunks of meat into the top and turn the handle at the same time and minced meat comes out from the open side, with a dish set under it to catch the meat. My mum always fed through a couple of slices of stale bread afterwards to clean any leftover meat from the blades, for easier washing later.

this musical carnival train,

was either ceramic or enamelled tin, I can't remember, but being a musical toy, probably meant for listening to rather than playing with.

who doesn't remember the pet rocks craze from last century?

I desperately wished I could buy this rippled washboard, to photograph with a tub of sudsy water and a bucket of pegs, but the price was a little too high for my budget at the time.


  1. I would enjoy wandering through this place, then or now.

  2. Before the Cuisinart I used the meat mincer (grinder) often!!

  3. Love those markets. Many happy hours wandering. And we still have one of those meat mincers. HImself bought it. And it remains unused.

    1. PS: A photographic failure meant I changed my SS at the last minute. A bit same old/same old today.

  4. That first picture is going to have me wondering all day!!

  5. Was a leg of roast lamb larger when I was a child or did we eat less meat? From a Sunday roast at my grandmother's there would be enough meat left over for cold meat with a salad and then still enough left over to go in the meat mincer to make lamb mince meat. I think my grandmother used to put bread through as the meat was going through to bulk up the end result. Do you remember the hand bean slices, whereby you would snip the ends of each bean before pushing it through to be sliced into perhaps three lengths.

  6. My landlords have a "Licorice Man" just like the one in your photo!!

    I remember my Nana having an old chamber pot when I was a little girl. And we used to have one of those mincers. I inherited and I had it for years, but I have no idea now what happened to it. Lost during many of my moves, no doubt.

    I'm pretty sure we had one of those old washboards when I was little, too. And I do remember one of the concrete laundry tubs in our laundry shed in the backyard had the washboard ridges down the side of the front wall of the sink.

    That porcelain a mystery!

    Have a wonderful week, River...cuddles to Angel. :)

  7. Great place to wonder around in so many books and chamber pots, I need one of those.

  8. I am back and glad to be here. Lovely selection of pictures today. I love to shop with the Mrs. for treasures.

  9. Love such places - could spend hours and hours browsing... at the book sellers alone, not to mention all the other stalls :)

    My mother had a bucket under her bed - nothing as pretty as a proper chamber pot.
    I couldn't stand the idea and braved the outdoor loo in all weather.

    Washboards are great. Pity everything that was once functional in my, and my mothers, day (and before), are now highly prized as trending home decor, and the younger set pay whatever it takes to have them.

  10. That would be such a lovely wander! Still have many old tools and such which used to belong to my Granny; no chamber pot, however.

  11. .. wow..what a great place to visit.... I could spend days there...thanks for the tour...
    Have a great day..Hugs... Barb xxx

  12. Joanne; it's a fabulous place for fossicking.

    fishducky; my mum used hers every week, there was a sausage attachment where you attached empty sausage skins and filled them with a mixture of meats and spices; that part didn't get used often.

    Elephant's Child; I used to want to buy a mincer, but it's so much easier to buy meat already minced.

    Happy Elf Christine; me too! I wish someone, anyone! knew what is was for.

    Andrew; legs of lamb were definitely larger, you got the whole leg, these days you get what we used to call a half leg, with the big upper portion cut off and sold separately. Some butchers will still sell a full leg if you ask for it. Back then, the meat was usually hoggett, lamb was a specialty, unlike now when lamb is sold long before it is old enough to leave its mother! Baby lamb, around four-six months old and spring lamb which is slightly older. Hoggett, which has less fat and more taste is lamb between one and two years old; after that it is mutton, which is so rarely seen these days.
    I don't remember those hand bean slicers at all. Was it one of those "Mr Gadget Man" items?

    Lee; does he keep biscuits in the licorice man? Our chamber pot was enamel and I HATED the sound of wee splashing into it, so everytime my sister climbed out of bed in the middle of the night I would stick my fingers in my ears until she climbed back in.
    My mum had a really big washboard and I remember her scrubbing things on it, then rinsing in another tub with clean water before putting things into yet another tub with blueing in it. And I remember those concrete tubs that had ridges! One of my school friends had those tubs in the back shed which had been closed in to become a back porch with a bathtub at one end.

    Merle; do you have a similar market anywhere near you? You could find chamber pots there maybe. Enamel ones with a hole or two in the bottom make great garden pots.

    mohaverat; welcome back. I'm thinking of a trip back to this market shed soon. There's been talk in the past of closing it down, so I want to go before that happens. IF it happens.

    Vicki; when I lived closer I spent many happy hours in the book stalls, now it's a two hour trip to get there and of course another two hours home again.
    I think a bucket would be worse than a chamber pot!
    I don't see the point of having such things as washboards purely for decoration; on the other hand I can't see any of today's young people standing over a tub and scrubbing away dirt either.

    The Cranky; the only things I have now of my mother's is her big old wooden rolling pin, a set of crystal bowls and a tiny silver tray with two crystal dishes for cream and sugar. and I have her passport too, with my baby photo in it.

    Barbara; ou and me and Merle should all get together and spend a day in that big market shed.

    1. Hi again, River...I have no idea what my landlords keep in their Licorice Allsorts Man. I noticed it on their sideboard when I was going up each day to feed their cat and chickens when they were away on holidays a couple or so weeks ago. Whenever they go away for any length of time I look after Molly, their cat and their 5 chickens.

  13. Great selection for sure.
    Never seen so many second hand books.
    Always like a Canon Camera, but mine these days is a Nikon.

  14. What a wonderful section of goods for sale. I remember the bean cutter and my mum had a meat mincer. They did their own thing back then.
    I would have loved to check through the books and those handbags as well perhaps.
    That little strange shaped dish had me intrigued. I wonder did it have a specific use?
    I only have a small Sony digital camera .... my one and only that has to take all pictures I want.

  15. I wonder if that first dish might have been a fancy glasses holder? ;)

  16. Margaret-whiteangel; I still have the old Canon, but mostly I use the Fuji now.

    Mimsie; mum had a mincer, but we cut our beans the regular way, with a knife. I spent quite a bit of time checking the books, I was looking for one in particular, I don't remember what it was now, so couldn't have been too important.
    I have a small Sony camera too, but windows10 doesn't process the photos as easily as the Fuji, for some reason.

    Snoskred; possibly. That's the only explanation we've had so far.

  17. I meant to add that I do remember pet rocks. I have one here on my desk that our eldest granddaughter made for me about 30 years ago. It is the right shape and she drew the eyes and mouth on it. I think I did put a post on here about it a few months back.

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