Words for Wednesday

The original Words for Wednesday was begun by Delores and eventually taken over by a moveable feast of participants when Delores had computer troubles.

The aim of the words is to encourage us to write. A story, a poem, whatever comes to mind.

If you are posting an entry on your own blog, please let us know so we can come along and read it.

This month the words are supplied by ME and can be found right here.

This week's words are:

1. atonement
2. banishment
3. cavalier
4. wheeled
5. empirical
6. fondness


1. gently
2. hats
3. irksome
4. janitorial
5. kindness
6. laughed

**let the creativity begin!**


  1. Now there's a selection for you.....I shall apply myself.

    1. only slightly confused; I look forward to your story.

  2. Okie-Dokie...Here I go....

    “IRKSOME, though it is for me to have to say this,” I LAUGHED, as I looked at my staff with genuine FONDNESS. “But, HATS off to you all for a job well done!”

    “Your prompt actions...your reactions to the situation you unexpected found yourselves faced with, even though you didn’t have any EMPIRICAL evidence to let you come to definitive conclusions, each and every one of you drew on your individual, personal JANITORIAL experiences. You became custodians of those who were completely dependent on your actions. You were CAVALIER individually, and as a group. The KINDNESS you displayed as you GENTLY WHEELED out each of the residents will not be forgotten by them, their loved ones, by me...or by the company as a whole.”

    “Have no doubts about it...ATONEMENT for any past mishaps, missteps and misunderstandings is noted a million times over – and counting! There are not enough words to express how proud I am of you. Your selfless, brave actions today in putting the safety – in putting the lives of those 20 people before your own, without a second thought, will not be forgotten...not by those whose lives you saved today; not by their loved ones; not by this company, and not by me. You are heroes!”

    Shaking the hands of those before me, and hugging each one, I continued talking to the exhausted, but exhilarated group.

    “Any fears you had of BANISHMENT from this organisation after the debacle of earlier this week, you can forget about from this point forward. I give you my word! You ain’t goin’ nowhere! Well, you can go home and rest up. You deserve it! But if you’re not back here on Monday – on time...the lot of you....you’ll have the wrath of me down on your shoulders – and that ain’t a pretty thought...or sight! Now go on home, the lot of you!”

    Laughter filled the air, and with that, they headed for home, and their own loved ones.

    1. lee; whatever that situation was, I'm glad they saved the lives of the residents. Well done.

  3. I LAUGHED out loud at the sight! There were two boys playing in the ocean in front of me. In a small, secluded beach near Cooktown in northeastern Australia. Man, were they ever having fun! And, here I sat, with my little puppy, just feeling sorry for myself. They were dressed in shorts down to their knees and they were oblivious to me or their mothers who sat a few yards from me dressed in colorful dresses and HATS to shield them from the afternoon heat.

    Soon, it was late afternoon and the IRKSOME bugs began to bite us, who were feeling sorry for ourselves sitting in the sand. My little puppy was very good. He would work his way up to the other people sitting on the beach and GENTLY sniff around but would then bound back to where I sat. I LAUGHED heartily every time he did this. What a clown!!

    Soon, the mothers called their sons in from the serf and told them to eat and drink something from the basket of food and drink they had brought for the day at the beach with their offspring. Without saying a word, they motioned my puppy and I to come over and join them.

    When we reluctantly made our way to their beautifully made blanket, I recognized one of the women as a worker in the JANITORIAL service in my building and in my office, a real estate firm in Cooktown. "Hello", I said as the puppy and I sat down. Although the women only spoke Greater Pama-Nyungan, they treated us with the utmost KINDNESS and respect as we partook graciously of their meager offering of food and drink.

    The boys got along famously with my puppy and by the time the sun was setting, I was feeling so much better, loved and happy and at peace.

    1. A good little story, PC....you painted a tranquil word picture. :)

    2. Love this, and suspect your narrator (and the puppy) have found some wonderful new friends. And not only for today.

    3. Peace Thyme; a wonderful little story. I have memories myself of sitting on the beach watching families picnic and play in the waves. Thank you for joining us.

    4. Very nice story, i hope they all become good friends.

  4. Reincarnation? Sally had a distinct fondness for the idea.
    No banishment to hell for an eternity, but being forced to live a new (more difficult) live as atonement for sins in this one. She laughed, thinking of a dog kicker with no kindness in them, becoming a Cavalier Spaniel in their next life. Or perhaps someone who devoted their life to wheeling and dealing being downgraded to janitorial duties. Alternatively, someone who lived their life gently could come back in a position of status and power, with people tipping their hats to them.
    The irksome fact that there is no empirical evidence changed nothing. Re-incarnation makes sense to Sally and she wonders what she will be in the next life, and what she did in the last...

    1. Elephant's Child; This is good! I like the thought of reincarnation myself and wonder what I might be next time around.

    2. My wondering is where did your first life start, and what were you paying for then? Anyway, good story!

  5. Oh, my gosh. I wrote a beautiful story before supper and was going to proofread it after supper and before submitting it. When I sat down again, I pressed the wrong button!!!!!!! It's gone!

    1. The story was about a native family at the beach in Australia having fun in the serf.....and me feeling sorry for myself,,,,,,,and bugs at sunset.....and the family only speajking Greater Pama Nyunjan....oh, it's gone!

    2. How frustrating. I have done that. More than once.

    3. Peace Thyme; your story is here, right above Elephant's Child. I liked it.

  6. Mine is posted here: atonement I really love everyone's stories so far! Especially EC's reincarnation! Although I'm not sure what I would prefer to be if I were to come back... or what form would be forced upon me.


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