Angel's Antics

Welcome to your Saturday dose of Angel.

Angel then.......

taking up a tiny corner of the bed

fitting inside the lid of an egg carton

sitting on the old scratching post.

A couple of months later.....

yawning wider than I've ever seen

playing in the back porch

taking up much more space now.

Angel has just about outgrown his scratching post, so I bought a new one.

here's the old post at the end of my bed, you can see how short it is. only 75cm high

Angel now.

Here's the new scratching post >

184cm from floor to the top platform. Angel has a bird's eye view.

I like it up here.

I wonder if I can touch the light?  (He can't)

showing off my tail.
Remember back in the 50s and 60s when cars had bushy foxtails hanging from their aerials?
Angel has his own bushy foxtail.

I'm serious. It's my couch and I'm not moving.

but you can rub my cheek :)

alright, I'll move to the bed.


  1. You're really enjoying each other, aren't you?

  2. He is just beautiful. You have reminded me that I need to do some repair work to Jazz n Jewel's cat condominium and scratching post. Urgently.
    I hope you are feeling at least a bit better today.

  3. No doubt about it, he's a cute boy and wow, that is a fine example of a high rise scratching pole!!
    Hope your feeling a little better today River. Poor you.

  4. is so good when you're an Angel!

    My! What a bush tail some Angel's have!

    Do take good care, River...get lots of fresh fruit into you...lots of Vitamin C. The good old hot lemon drink always works, too.

    Get better soon...spend the weekend doing nothing but that. Angel will look after you.

  5. having a dear little friend like that is bound to help you get better soon.

  6. Wow, that is really a monster scratching post. As a kid if I drew a picture of a car, it would always have a fox tail on the aerial.

  7. I think that exact same huge tall scratching post sits right behind me now.. except ours is missing a lot of the carpet. ;)

    That was the first one we bought, ever.

  8. I look forward to "Angel's Antics" every Saturday.
    He really is such a beautiful boy - that tail!!
    Love his fabulous cat condo. An excellent tower for a very active, inquisitive boy.
    Cats do love to survey all from a great height.

    BTW, if you still have a "koff", try smearing a good amount of Vicks VapoRub on the soles of both feet before bed - also need to put socks on to protect the bedding :)
    You should be asleep in ten minutes with no irritating cough to keep you awake.

    Also, a tried and true method here at my place is to add a good pinch of black (fine) pepper into a glass of warm milk - you can sweeten if you like.
    Guaranteed no more cough.

  9. My, how he has grown and into such a beautiful animal too.
    We have just ordered a scratching post on eBay (flat packed) so I hope it will be big enough for Candy. She is not a very large cat so should be OK. I had thought of a large one but we don't have a lot of room.
    Hope you are beginning to feel a little better. Do look after yourself. You are very precious to us.

  10. Wishing you a lovely day on your birthday dear Leo River.
    I hope you spend some of it with a ribbon on a stick to flick around Angels tremendous playstack. My Kitty just loves doing that - chasing leaping and grabbing.
    x x

  11. How did I miss that? Happy Birthday dear River. A very happy birthday - filled with love and laughter.

  12. Joining in wishing you Happy Birthday, River.

  13. Oh dear, River, I had no idea it was your birthday so many belated happy returns of the day. Hope you are feeling somewhat more well than earlier in the week.

  14. Such a cute cat! It looks a lot like mine, but from the photos, Angel appears to be long-haired and my cat is short-haired. I am wondering if I got a monster scratching post like yours, if it would keep my cat off of my computer desk?!


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