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Monday, August 11, 2014

Musical Monday # 20

Musical Monday 

I was introduced to Musical Monday by Delores who copied the meme from another site.

I think it’s a fun way to show off some of the music we like and brighten up our Mondays at the same time. 

I’ll be finding my clips on you tube, so will simply credit that site since there are often so many versions of everything and I wouldn’t want to accidentally credit the wrong artist.

Today’s clip is: Louis Armstrong

It's a Wonderful World

and the shorter version from the movie Good Morning Vietnam starring Robin Williams

Robin Williams as Captain Adrian (Kronauer? not sure of the spelling there)


  1. What a wonderful man. We are richer for him.

  2. And it is a wonderful world. Despite all our best (worst) efforts there is still a lot of beauty out there.

  3. Can't beat Louis Armstrong's.

  4. It is people like loui who have't a conventional singing voice who are the most entertaining.

  5. Joanne; we certainly are.

    Elephant's Child; it's a beautiful, beautiful world. in spite of what we (they) are doing to it.

    Andrew; he's hard to top.

    fishducky; mine too.

    Vest; yes, don't we all get tired of hearing people like those "boy bands" who all sound the same no matter what they are singing or where they are from.

  6. Thank you! That's one of my favorite songs, too.

  7. I always enjoy Louis Armstrong and most days are simply wonderful. What a loss to have Robin W. gone. It proves that fame and good fortune won't always provide a happy life.

  8. Love the song about our wonderful world but unfortunately, although I lile his music, I have never enjoyed Louis Armstrong's vocals.
    You mentioned Robin Williams and I think the right thinking world was devastated to learn of his death today at only 63. What a tragedy. He gave millions of people so much please. RIP Robin Williams.

  9. A very emotive song that always causes me to stop when I hear it.

    Very sad news about Robin Williams. Depression is a dark, invisible demon; once it grabs hold it's a battle to escapes its grasp.

    He gave us so much laughter; and he gave us tears...his unique talent will be remembered.