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My camera has a setting which allows me to take photos in low light situations without using a flash. Apparently it takes advantage of existing natural or artificial light to take photos that don't have that flash generated glare.
I like it.
 Here's a few examples.

 Portrush Road approximately 5:30 am. I like how the orange main road lights put a yellow cast over everything.

This tree woman somewhere on Queen Street  about 5:40am the same morning.
You can all see her?  The face in between the arms?

 The Parade, Norwood at 5:45 am.

And the entrance to Norwood Mall at 5:48 am.

Pretty cool don't you think?


  1. Very, very cool. And I love the tree woman.

  2. That tree woman is very clear :)

  3. Pretty cool indeed especially the 4rd photo of Norwood Mall and all the vegetation running riot on the roof :-).

  4. EC and Jayne; I'm so glad you can see her. I've looked at that tree every day for years and didn't see her until I took the photo and there she was!

    Windsmoke; That's one of my favourite photos. I think the vegetation is a boston ivy or something similar. It's brilliant red when the weather is cold enough.

  5. Way cool. I love that tree woman.

  6. Yes, I can see her. Quite the hairdo.

  7. Tree woman is an absolute standout. Have you tried the hispstamatic app? I'd love to see tree lady using that.

  8. tracy; thank you.

    mybabyjohn; ha ha, big hair.

    Sarah; she is lovely. I have no idea what a hispstamatic app is. Are you assuming I have an i-phone with all avaialble apps? All I have is a digital point and shoot.


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