mmm, veggies

I'm a little bit excited.
I've never grown cauliflower before.
I've tried.....but they've usually died, or been eaten alive.
You know, bugs, slugs, caterpillars....

But now.....look!

 Cauliflower number one has a teeny little head forming, it's about one inch across.

Cauliflower number two has an even smaller head, about half an inch across.

Cauliflowers three and four are just leaves so far.

I'm looking forward to picking and eating these.
I love cauliflower baked in a cheese sauce.


  1. Ooooh. They look wonderful. And I have never succeeding in growing them either so I am a bit jealous. And the night before last I made a lovely cauliflower, onion, chickpea and spinach dish. And made heaps so guess what is for dinner tonight (for me anyway).

  2. EC; umm, leftover cauliflower, onion, chickpea and spinach dish? Sounds interesting. Is it a stirfry type dish or a baked in a sauce in the oven type?

  3. So cute....little baby cauliflowers.

  4. Oh, well done! But don't relax your vigilance - as caulis mature, they can so easily become high rises for earwigs and slugs!! Good luck!!

  5. mybabyjohn; they do look cute right now. I'm wondering how big they'll get. I may pick them when they're just big enough for me.

    Red Nomad; vigilance is planned. No earwig is going to get my dinner if I can help it.


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