I have an owie...

A minor mishap at work yesterday resulted in my right hand ring finger being bent a little back and a lot sideways.

It isn't broken, not even swollen, just was very painful and awkward to use.
I gritted my teeth trying not to swear in front of the customer while gripping my hand for a moment, then as it eased a bit I continued with packing her groceries.

When I got home I taped the two middle fingers together to minimise movement, then at bedtime I massaged some deep heat into the joints then covered the hand with a glove in case I touched my face while sleeping.

Today it's still painful and awkward but I can work so that's okay.

What gets me though, is that every injury I've ever had has been to my right side.

 Whether it's hand, foot, back, whatever.
Always my right side.


  1. Hope your owie, is soon better. Strange that all your injuries are only on one side, are you really really right handed? Get better soon so you can have a great weekend which is not far away now xxx

  2. OW! that hurts so much. I did the same thing (picking up full shopping bags!) just the other day.

  3. I only hurt my right side too. And Kakka might have a point. I started my life as a left hander and my school tied my left hand behind my back so I could only use my right. And now I am really, really right handed.
    I hope you get better super quick.

  4. Kakka; yes, I am very right handed. More so now that I'm older.

    Toni; it's not so bad now. Working with it has helped keep it flexible.

    EC; I remember being almost ambidextrous when I was much younger. Since leaving the factory, my left hand seems to have forgotten that it actualy has fingers... My dad used to tell me about getting smacked with rulers for using his left hand at school. Tying hands behind backs is just asbad. I'm glad that sort of thing doesn't happen now.

  5. Maybe your right eye is weaker? Eucalyptus Rub (Bosisto - I think??) is really great for easing that type of injury. How do I know? I'm the poster girl for 'clumsy'!!

  6. Go to your local homeopathic store or health store and get some Arnica pellets...they speed healing and they really work. Honest.

  7. Good idea to tape the finger to the other and keep it straight. I'd offer to kiss it better, but that would be sooooo inappropriate. Just about everything that has gone wrong with me has been on the right side too.

  8. Ouch! Hope it heals quickly for you. Fingers are frustrating things to have "out of action".

  9. Red Nomad; I have various creams and oils that I can rub on achy muscles, they're great for easing things enough to get around or fall asleep.

    mybabyjohn; I have arnica in a cream form, I keep it at work so I can rub it onto bumped areas immediately to lessen bruising.

    Andrew; The taping worked great until I had to wash the dishes. Then I couldn't get the gloves on without cutting the tape off....the finger is almost normal again now.

    Lightening; thanks, it's almost completely better and working normally now.


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