things I've rediscovered

Since the cold weather has settled in, I've rediscovered a few things that I'd forgotten about since last winter.

> cup-a-soup. Creamy chicken and corn. With croutons. Dutch curry and rice.

> toasted cheese sandwiches. sometimes with ham.

> brownies still warm from the oven.

> fluffy bedsocks

> how warm it is inside my fleecy dressing gown, now entering its 4th winter.

> high necklines and long sleeves.

> dragging the big doona off the bed and snuggling with it on the couch.

> listening to rain pelting down while lying in bed.

> walking in the rain, knowing that I'm on my way home and can dry off and warm up.

> sitting in the warm and watching through the window as leaves swirl and thunderheads gather.

> hot chocolate.  lots of hot chocolate.

> winter cooking. so different from summer cooking.

> beanies, gloves and soft, soft scarves.

> ginger tea, so very warming.

What things do you enjoy in the wintry weather?


  1. Making pea and ham soup that takes three days to make and mature. Better get some bones soon.

  2. Puh lease...we just got some decent weather here. I DO NOT want to think about winter. (Actually I'm a big fan of homemade soups and chilis and goulash).

  3. I love being inside and warm, watching the mad weather outside!

  4. Finding summer difficult I LOVE not having to lurk inside like a troll. And hot chocolate, and the stark beauty of leafless trees against the sky. The crunch of frost and its delicate traceries. So many things...

  5. Hot casseroles/stews that stick to your ribs, washed down with warm desserts :)

  6. Frosty and foggy mornings while out walking it really puts spring in your step. Being snuggly warm inside in the evenings listening to the rain tumbling down on the roof, so soothing :-).

  7. Andrew; thanks for the reminder. I have bonesin the freezer. it's going to be a pea soup weekend.

    mybabyjohn; sorry.....

    Toni; me too! although sometimes I like being out in the mad weather.

    EC; I'm waiting for the last leaves to fall then I'll take photos.

    Jayne; yes! yes! yes!

    Windsmoke; I'm out on those frosty mornings walking to work. It's a great way to warm up, so I'm ready to work when I get there while everyone else is moaning about being cold and needing coffee.

  8. I love soup and stews in winter. And toasted cheese & tuna sandwiches.
    And I'm very fond of my new slippers. The tag on the side calls them 'hoodies for your feet'.

  9. no-one; foot-hoodies! that's fantastic. Send (or post) a picture? I had home made soup tonight. Mmmmm.

  10. A great snuggly list but I hate to think about it. We barely have had any sun yet :) I also thrive on those thin, silk long snuggies. Keeps out a draft.


  11. Crikey if I ate that lot, I'd blow up like a balloon. Love the doona on the couch and a movie day on a wet afternoon. Backyard bonfires and toasting marshmallows although I never eat them, just toast them for others. And soup . . home made minestrone, leek and potato and pumkin . . delish . . hmm need to buy slippers

  12. i love the feel of the crisp,fresh air on your face.
    Lovely home made soups and casseroles.


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