pomegranate hockey

Back in the early 90's we rented a large house with a garage that had been converted to another room.
Most of the kids were with me, the oldest with her partner and daughter were in the big garage room.
When they moved out, second eldest and his girlfriend came home and moved in there. With his drum kit.
So the house was always full.
Good times.
Along the back of the house was a porch, very wide, and running the whole length of the house before turning the corner to a larger open porch area behind the garage. This was our barbecue area.

We had a huge old fig tree, a lemon tree, a grape vine along the back fence and a big old fashioned Golden Queen peach tree. Freestone peaches.


They grew to softball size, golden yellow with a soft rosy pink blush.
Picked fully ripe from the tree, rinsed under the tap, you had to lean forward  when you bit into them so the juice would drip down your chin, down your arm and onto the grass instead of down your chin, down your arm and all over your chest. Sweet.

In the front yard was a pomegranate tree.

Someone in the house owned a pair of roller blades, I don't remember who, and there were various sporting type bats available; cricket bat, tennis racquet, golfing iron.....

Many times during the summer, I'd arrive home from work to find the boys in the backyard, each wearing one rollerblade, each holding a bat of some kind and playing "hockey" up and down the big old porch.
With pomegranates!!
Fun times! For them!.
Not for me so much because all the busted up pomegranates were often left all over the yard....

I didn't mind so much because none of us eat pomegranates and they'd just sit on the tree until they fell off.
I did put a stop to the "hockey" matches when they ran out of pomegranates and started on the peaches.

They also used grapes and ping pong paddles....


  1. 'They were playing hockey with slipstone peaches your honour' As the gavel comes down 'The verdict is justifiable homicide.'

  2. What a totally lovely idyllic picture.

  3. Hey! It was me and The Boy that played pomegranate roller-hockey, not The Boy and Other Boy? (I don't have a usable nickname for him.)**rant about middle child syndrome and not being remembered**

  4. Played cricket with figs picked off the next door neighbours tree they weren't impressed or with the mess. By the end of the day we were all covered from head to toe in figs :-).

  5. EC; ha ha.

    Linda; Those were idyllic times.

    no-one; huh, I didn't remember that you'd done it, I'm sure I saw M playing once at least, or was that the pizza frisbee-ing at his birthday booze-up? I have a nickname, but it's not printable.

    Windsmoke; fig cricket! sounds like just as much fun.

  6. And just when I thought I had run out of new games to learn about!

  7. LOL Love the picture you've painted, sounds like great fun :)

  8. Snowbrush; you'll need a pomegranate tree and some sports bats....

    Ro; those were fun years. I have great memories of the 90's

  9. Oh those peaches sound divine ...I'd have stopped them too when they got to peaches.
    Pomegranates ..meh !

    I hope to plant some fruit tress when we move to the country. Just to research what will grow best.

    Drums ... our eldest's drums are at his friend's house when they host band practice. he twins got a bash on them on Saturday night ...I know I am very glad they are at the friend's house LOL.

  10. I had no idea peaches got that big!!

  11. It's great to hear of kids who could amuse themselves with what was at hand (or at tree).

  12. Trish; the drums were great and my son played quite well. Now his son plays too, but he has a smaller sized set.

    Happy Elf; it's a very old-fashioned type, not seen anymore in shops and the trees aren't in nurseries either. They'd have to be ordered from a specialist nursery if they're even available.

    mybabyjohn; my kids have always known how to amuse themselves and taught their kids the same.


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