I love receiving parcels

Yesterday I checked my post office box to find a parcel waiting for me.

From my good friend JahTeh. You'll find her at Copperwitch.

Look at all the stamps!!! 20 of them!

 I know a stamp collector who is going to love receiving these.

 Most of the stamps are in memory of the men of the Kokoda Trail.

 And then there's this one. Travel Smart. I have never, ever seen one of these.

What was inside?

 Two books. One by James Lee Burke, who is one of my favourite authors, and one by P.J. Tracy.
 I haven't read many books by P.J.Tracy, so I'm looking forward to this one.

Also included were 4 pairs of earrings. Thank you so much JahTeh!

Sweet little snowmen to add to my Christmas collection,

Cute as a button stripey bumblebees,

and diamonds and pearls. To wear when I go visiting royalty?  Or just plain visiting.
Thank you JahTeh.


  1. Lovin the bumblebees....what a nice thing to find in the mail.

  2. What a nice gift. I love the bumble bees.
    The stamps are pretty groovy too.

  3. Hell, what did it cost to send that? Bloody post office!

    We're coming over to stay with you soon, we're both big eaters so you can start cooking now.


  4. What a WONDERFUL parcel, and a WONDERFUL friend. I really like the PJ Tracey books and I love earrings. Drool.

  5. I don't wear earrings myself but i do like the snowmen earrings very cute indeed :-).

  6. Jah Teh divesting herself of possessions. What might she be up to?

  7. mybabyjohn; they're so cute. I may wear them to work one day, see if anyone notices.

    Linda; the stamps have been offered to a collector friend.

    R.H. you're coming together? I'd better get out the BIG soup pot.

    EC; I'll probably read the PJ Tracy, then spend hours at the library looking for everything else he's written.

    Windsmoke; you don't wear earrings? Not even at Christmas?

    Andrew; JahTeh is probably doing a little decluttering, just like I am.

  8. PJ Tracey is a mother and daughter collaboration. And I think a good one. Let us know what you think of that one.

  9. EC; I make the same mistake with Val McDermid, always calling her "he", because my mind reads Val Kilmer. Clearly I need more chocolate....

  10. How sweet! Don't you just love gifts by post?!


  11. Hi River,

    I've read one book by PJ Tracey - it was quie good (forgotten what it is called).

    Must try to read another one ...




  12. Not keen on soup, goes straight through you, and don't like Chinese stuff either, does the same thing. We like a BIG meal, leg of lamb roast as an hors d'oeure; appetiser to start off with. Okay? And that's one leg each, so cook up three! Main course is up to you, but I'm sure you can be relied upon.


    PS: Might be an idea to hire a trestle table. A long one.

  13. Parcels are one of life's great pleasures! I read about a woman who was mad on eBay - but when she died, they found all the stuff she'd bought in a cupboard, unopened. For her it was the thrill of the chase, and getting something in the mail!!!

    Weird, huh?!

  14. Pearl; yes. Yes I do. Extra special when they contain little surprises.

    Plasman; they are good stories, I like murder mysteries.

    R.H. soup? pfft! The big pot is for the mashed potatoes....
    Do you like your legs of lamb roasted with garlic slivers? We won't need a table, the floor is big enough, I'll spread a sheet and some cushions.

    Red Nomad; That is weird. I like buying, but opening and using is part of the pleasure.

  15. There is nothing nicer than a parcel with a heap of stamps on it. Nothing!

  16. Kath; hopefully some of us here will send you parcels, with things that you can't get in Geneva. Spices? Vegemite? We won't bother sending chocolate.

  17. Crikey, when you said it had a lot of stamps I didn't imagine that and what a shame she had so much time on her hands that she managed to cancel every one. I'm forever checking to see if I've got a letter with a free stamp.
    The red bees are for those days when customers should be aware of dangerous check out chicks.
    I identify with that woman and parcels. I order my books from the Book Depository one by one just for the excitment.


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