doo, doo, do, looking out my back door

Thank you Creedence Clearwater Revival  (aka CCR) for that line.

looking to the right.....

looking to the left...

somewhere in the middle.

Blue skies and rain. That's Adelaide.


  1. Not much better here in Melbourne with cold arctic wind, pouring rain and very cloudy skies with the sun peeking through the clouds now and then, don't ya just love winter! :-).

  2. Windsmoke; yes, I do love winter. It's so much better than melting in the summer heat.

  3. I choose the blue.

  4. You have our cold now, don't you?

    It's 95 degrees outside today. I think I'm a good inch shorter now...


  5. How do you post so often? And cook and take photos and clean? I'm over winter already. It's too cold to walk in the mornings and black as pitch when I get home. And if I eat chocolate . . . well . . . lets say I'm watching my weight.

  6. How does she do it, yes, what a dynamo, and two husbands already. Flattened.

  7. mybabyjohn; it's a glorious sight when the clouds part.

    Pearl; yes, we have winter now, but nowhere near as cold as you get. No snow and very little frost in my small corner of Adelaide.

    Baino; I cheat a bit by using photos and I've learned how to schedule them, so I often do Monday-Friday on Sunday afternoon, then schedule them to go up each day while I'm resting after work, eating lunch. The photos are often old ones already in my files, and cooking and cleaning takes around half an hour. Remamber I have only 4 small rooms here. Saturday afternoons are spent uploading new photos and sorting them into folders ready for posting.

    R.H. basically, I'm a lazy so-and-so, which means I get everything done to schedule, done quickly and right the first time so I can then sit around and do nothing.

  8. Really? How stressful, I can't stand women rushing about.


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