the comfort zone

You all know how you lie down for a nap, or to go to sleep, and you wriggle, you stretch, you curl up, toss this way, turn that way, just trying to get comfortable?

Then other times you lie down and straight away you're comfy?

That happened to me Thursday afternoon.

I'd had a really busy morning at work, then come straight home and got stuck into sorting out my i-tunes files.
A couple of hours later, I was going cross eyed with tiredness, so decided to nap on the couch.

I propped up the cushions just right, lay down with my feet up on the arm of the couch and immediately was so very comfortable I didn't want to move.
Ever again.
Truly, my body almost sang as the tired muscles relaxed into heaviness.

So I'm lying there almost asleep when the phone rang.
Did I jump up and answer it?

Heck no!!
No way.

I lay there listening to it ring, waiting for the answering machine to kick in.
It didn't.
The caller hung up.

And I drifted off to sleep.


  1. You almost certainly needed it, but that doesn't stop me being a tad jealous.

  2. You earned that nap and needed to recharge your batteries i would have left the phone ring as well :-).

  3. EC; I find lately that I'm always needing a nap. There are stresses going on that just wear me out mentally.

    Windsmoke; if I hadn't been so comfortable, I might have got up to answer it, then probably would have been cross if it had been a telemarketer.

  4. Hey if it was important, they'll call back. I'm tragic at napping, just can't do it. Put me on the couch of soporific splendour at 7pm though .. I'm out.

  5. Baino; nobody called back, so my money's on telemarketer.

  6. Good for you not answering the phone. Why is it we jump and run for the darned thing most of the time? Why does it always ring when we are sleeping/eating/reading or in the midst of our favourite tv show?

  7. Veronica; bliss is my preferred state.

    mybabyjohn; I'm learning to leave it to the answering machine. Everyone really important to me has my mobile number.

  8. I often find myself laying down on the lounge/couch to read and before you know it I am snoring my head off. Hate it when the phone rings, bloody marketing people nine times out of ten. So glad you got to snooze.

  9. I loooove that feeling (not of the phone ringing, of that moment when you're about to reach a well-earned, much-needed sleep)

  10. That sounds like a great way to spend an afternoon. I'm new to your blog and have had a great time playing catch-up. You've created a great spot for your readers to visit and I'll definitely be back. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  11. Kakka; I don't bother trying to read anymore, that's my after dinner activity now. Couch time is nap time!

    tracy; it's a very soft and warm feeling, almost fuzzy in its heaviness.

    Mary; welcome to drifting; I'll come on over and have a look at your blog.


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