minor rant

I love my electric blanket, I really do.
But there's a problem.
A little one, but a problem.

The trouble with electric blankets is the cord.
The oh-so-essential power cord.

It makes tucking in the sheet properly difficult.
Especially a fitted sheet.

Thelittle bit that doesn't tuck in where the cord is, just looks untidy.
To me anyway.

Anyone else have a problem with this?
No?  Hmmm.

I've come up with a yet-to-be-implemented solution.
Large buttonholes.
In the sheet.
At the spot where the electric blanket cord is.

Making the bed will become simple again.
Unplug the cord, feed it through the "buttonhole", tuck in the sheet.

Now I just have to get the sewing machine fixed....


  1. To bad you can't run an electric blanket off batteries and the router.

  2. Fantastic idea - why didn't I think of that - but now I have a problem - How do I make a button hole???

  3. mybabyjohn; imagine being stuck without batteries in the dead of winter.....

    Dianne; most sewing machines have a buttonhole setting.

  4. I have a lovely thick wool underlay and a wool filled doona, it's like a warm winter sandwich. I don't seem to be as cold at night now that I'm older but I do remember going to bed with thick nightdress and bedsocks way back when.

  5. You are obviously a much, much more particular than I am. I notice it, but had never thought about doing anything about it. Though your suggestion is brilliant.

  6. Yes! I dislike that too. Brilliant solution :)

  7. Don't trust electric blankets because i've known to many people say they've had them short out right where the power cord meets that small junction box attached to the blanket. Nothing wrong with adding an extra wool blanket or two or three during winter :-).

  8. JahTeh, I have a wool quilt that I used to put under the sheet and with my big feather doona I was warmer than toast, but I gave my bed to my son when his waterbed sprung yet another leak and bought a single. The wool quilt doesn't fit unless I double it and then the sheets don't fit. And the leccy blanky was on sale for less than $20....

    EC; I'm very particular with the oddest things. Stuff that most people wouldn't even blink at. But I'm totally blase about so many other things.

    sleepydwarf; I'll get the machine fixed, make the buttonholes, then I'll be stuck with a bunch of holey sheets when I decide to give up the electric blanket again.

    windsmoke; in the past I've had electric blankets, left them on the bed right through summer, because taking them off and storing them was too much trouble, but I've never had one short out on me. Ever. I only have it on to warm the bed before I get in because my hips and back are in more pain this winter.


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