why does teal green always photograph blue?

Here are some of my favourite coffee mugs.

Soon after L moved in here, I packed these away, after coming home from work one day and finding that yet another of my loved mugs had accidentally fallen off the sink.
Funny how it was only my things that fell off the sink.....

The day after he left, I got these out and put them back in the cupboard where they belonged.

The yellow flowered one is thin, with a delicate feel, so I use it for tea.
The black and white one is my favourite for cappucinos.

This is another thinner one, I like this one for hot chocolate.

 These three are sturdier and the top one has an especially chunky feel, great for cup-a-soup.

These are the ones I always use for coffee.

See this blue one? It isn't blue!
Really! It's teal green.


  1. Ha! I like the way you needed to explain the distinction about the colours. I do that too. I'm a fan of oversized coffee mugs. Which is odd because I rarely finish an entire mug of anything. Why is that?

  2. And I am so pleased to hear that other people have tea mugs, and hot chocolate mugs and cup a soup mugs and ... And they look great. Thanks.

  3. I only use a few of mugs out the dozens we have, my Callisto mug, my Firefly themed Jayne and Zoe mugs and my Chuck mug. And they get used for everything.

  4. Sarah; oversized mugs are great but they do hold way too much. Just make half the amount.

    EC; you really do have to have the right mug for the drink. Tea just doesn't tast the same in a chunky mug, and cup-a-soup is somehow wrong in the coffee mug or the delicate tea mug. Cup-a-soup NEEDS the chunkiness of a heavy mug.

    no-one; Is that because they're your favourites? Or because they're the ones always handy? Or maybe things just don't seem right in the other mugs?

  5. Wow! How do you ever decide which to use??!!

  6. It's because they're my extra large mugs that hold more liquid.

  7. My favourite cup for coffee is the one with the coffee in it.


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