Jams, Jellies, Conserves, Fruit spreads.


 Available in many flavours and textures.

Made with real fruit.

Because jam made with artificial  fruit just isn't the same......


  1. No, it just isn't. It's "frutation jam".

  2. mybabyjohn; Ha Ha!! and it has that awful plasticky texture.

  3. You can't beat the taste and texture of real fruit. My favourites are Strawberry & Raspberry conserve piled high on toast yummmy :-).

  4. Hi River,

    Apart, that is, from Apricot Jam. Apricots are Satan's fruit and should be eradicated from the planet with maximum prejudice.

    Otherwise, I agree.




  5. HHHMMMmmm... my jams have all been made with real fruit. I wonder would I be more or less successful at country shows using artificial fruit? Although it's a bit hard to source - do I sense a new business opportunity???

  6. Made with 'real' fruit. Sometimes you have to wonder what that is, River. Here in Australia at the moment I baulk at buying bananas once a staple in my diet. They come in at $15.00 a kilo. It pains me to pay for this real fruit but I almost cannot bear to do without it.

    Gorgeous jam here. Such a rich apricot orange.

  7. Some of the sales pitches are over the top ...but I love jam with more fruit than sugar :).

  8. I can't do apricot jam but a good strawberry one? Goes down an absolute treat!

  9. oh yes...I just love the *real* ingredients
    ..bit like when the tv chefs says "use some really really good *ingredient*"
    i mean............really..who is going to use the BAD ingredients???

  10. Windsmoke; thinly on toast, but piled high on scones with cream. Yum!

    Plasman; I love apricot jam and canned apricots and dried apricots and fresh apricots and apricot nectar......

    Red Nomad; success would probably depend on whether you used plastic, wooden or wax fruit. and of course if people actually wanted to eat it.

    Elisabeth; real fruit as opposed to display fruit made from plastic or wood.

    Sarah; I prefer apricot, but strawberry is good too. I love raspberry, but the seeds get stuck in my teeth.

    peskypixies; TV chefs are over-rated.

  11. Last year I had a bumper crop of apricots and had intended to make jam but somehow they all vanished in hungry mouths before I could get to the jam making. Yummmy pictures. Apricot jam, my favorite.

  12. Manzanita; ha ha. Next season you might need to hide a bucket of them before the kids see them.


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