thinks he's royalty.....

Yesterday I served a customer I'd never seen before.

A full-to-overflowing trolley of groceries was wheeled to my checkout, then this perfectly healthy, fit looking man  haughtily asked for "a junior" to load the groceries onto the conveyor belt.
Straight away I didn't like his "I'm superior to you" manner.
Seriously!! He said "a junior"!!  Several times.
Being the nice person that I am, I thought to myself maybe he has a back problem or something.

I was polite and inquired if he couldn't do this himself as I didn't think anyone was available right now?
He said of course he could do this but he'd prefer that someone ( a junior) did it for him.
I was gobsmacked!!
I did call over the PA for assistance, but was informed that no-one was available, just as I'd suspected.
(We're a little understaffed right now)

The girl in the checkout next to me closed her checkout, (luckily we weren't busy), and came over to unload his trolley onto my conveyor belt, for me to scan and bag.
While she did this, he casually wandered off getting more items!

I was then informed by her that he comes in on a semi-regular basis, usually buying at least two, sometimes three trolleys worth of stuff, and spends the whole time talking on his mobile phone, while staff that should be doing their own work unload and bag his items for home delivery.
I also learned that nobody who works here likes him because of his attitude.

I'm left wondering why he expects this level of service. Does he (demand) get it at other places he shops?

It's a supermarket for gosh sakes!
Everyone unloads their own trolley and puts their own bagged goods back into said trolley to take to their cars.
 (Unless they're obviously physically unable or elderly, then we do help out.)

Another point against this man: when the young woman with him started to lift something back into the trolley, he told her off!!

I hope he doesn't come through my checkout ever again, because I don't think I could hold my thoughts a second time.


  1. This is obviously someone with a bit of a problem ( a kink in the brainwaves perhaps) and is actually needing your sympathy. Poor soul. Imagine having to go through life expecting people to treat you like the royalty you think you are and being constantly dissapointed. And to think, the only throne he has is..... uh .....
    where was I going with this?

  2. I love your trolley and "tosser" fascinates me.

  3. And I expect he believes his poo is pongless too. I am amazed that you were able to keep your cool.

  4. What a dick. These are the times you need an outspoken person in line right behind the customer to say out loud what you're thinking.

  5. I can't believe this tool. I managed to load and unload my trolley yesterday even with a torn muscle.
    I'd love to know how much he spent to see if his custom was worth the aggravation.

  6. He has come to expect this level of service because he has been indulged. Who was the mistaken person who helped in the first place? If you don't put up a closed sign as he approaches, perhaps some only just audible muttering of bad words might do the trick.

  7. Gobsmacked. That's so out of order. You were much more polite than I would have been!

  8. *gasp* what is up with him... maybe we should feel sorry for him b/c his parents hadn't raised him properly.

  9. It is interesting though that he demands the service and gets it even though everyone complains!

  10. What a nutjob.
    A supermarket is 'self serve', maybe point out that the level of service he requires is only available at the corner store situated at the corner of 1920 and 1950 and wish him luck in locating it.

  11. What a w****r. He needs a swift kick up the bottom for being so lazy and arrogant and be bannned from your supermarket until his attitude improves :-).

  12. Toni; yes. but....see next comment.

    mybabyjohn; it's possible there's some kind of kink in his brain.

    Jennifer Kay; our Aussie lingo is unique.

    EC; like "mybabyjohn" said, maybe he's not the full quid. Delusions of grandeur and all that.

    no-one; I wish there had been, but the line was empty, as was the checkout next to me so the girl was able to help.

    JahTeh; over $400. I'm told he usually spends more.

    Andrew; just in case he's a little mental, I chose not to front up with my thoughts. The last thing I need is to be attacked verbally by a customer. Or physically....

    Sarah; in this job, it's often wisest to stay as calm as possible and vent later in the staff room or at home to friends.

    Happy Elf; maybe that's the case. spoiled and indulged from day one.

    Carol; getting what he demands doesn't surprise me as much as the demands alone. He's a big muscly man.

    Jayne; I did wonder momentarily if he'd spent a good portion of his life in a country where service like that is normal.

    Windsmoke; Arrogance and attitude aside, he really does need to learn that supermarkets are where you do it yourself.

  13. scan everything very very slowly.

    arrange with your manager that next time you see this arsehole you are going to say to him "certainly Sir, I will get our manager to handle your shopping for you. do you mind if your Tena and KY go in the same bag?"

  14. Ann O'Dyne; I'm thinking of speaking to the manager, to find out what I should say if I encounter this customer again. I don't want to appear rude, but I would like to be able to say that he should unload his own trolley just like everyone else.

  15. To wait on a person of pea brain mentality is bad enough but think of this man's poor wife. Whenever I see such a disagreeable person, I feel sorry for their spouse.

  16. Sounds like he gets away with it because he can. I'd have just told him that we don't provide that kind of service and made him to it himself the wanker

  17. What would he do if you said no!! he must be very insecure.
    "Adelaide and Beyond"

  18. Oh wow, he sounds like a bit much to deal with. *shudder*

  19. Hi River,

    I think I sat next to that pillock on a plane. He was the rudest high and mighty pillock I have met and was extremely nasty to the air stewardesses. I just wanted to slap him.

    People like that make me really angry.





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