blackboard decal

Some weeks ago, Melissa at Suger Coat It  had a giveaway featuring fridge decals with a blackboard type surface. All we had to do was leave a comment.
Well of course I wanted one, so I left a comment and hoped the random generator thingy would pick me.

And it did!!

Some time later, the decal arrived in my post box and then it sat on my desk for a few days before I fianlly got around to clearing other stuff off my fridge to make space for it.

Here it is, on my fridge.

I have chalk* in my home, so I was able to use it immediately for my shopping list.

It cleans off easily with a damp sponge and I'm finding that a lot more convenient than the laminated list I had there previously, which cleaned off with a dry cloth but left dark smudges which would only come off properly with polish remover.

* I've kept chalk around for years. It's great for little kids to draw on the driveway and carport surfaces, and washes off there with a broom and a hose, or just leave it to wear off with successive rains.


  1. That looks very nice...and quite handy.

  2. Looks very stylish indeed. The frame reminds me of an old fashioned mirror frame :-).

  3. I see you're being all fancy, buying serviettes instead of just using your sleeve like we do. (kidding mum!)

  4. mybabyjohn; I'm loving it.

    windsmoke; the frame is one of the reasons I like it so much.

    no-one; A sleeve is not a kleenex! Serviettes are so much bigger than tissues and cheaper too.

  5. Hi River,

    What ever happened to chalk, eh?




  6. It looks great. And v useful too. And fun. A good combination.

  7. It is always a delight to be a winner! Lucky you! is such a practical gift as well as looking great.

  8. That looks so cool! But how do you transfer the shopping list to your purse???

  9. Plasman; chalk is still around. I used to get the buckets of jumbo chalks when the grandkids were little, then smaller chalks for the inside blackboard as they grew up a bit.

    EC; very useful. I write my roster on there too sometimes.

    Chez; the look of it is what drove me to enter.

    Red Nomad; phone photo...
    or I'll copy it onto the bigger list that I have on a notepad. The bigger list is where I write things that I've used/opened the last of, the fridge list is where I scribble down new items for recipes I want to try, or just stuff that occurs to me as I'm looking in the pantry.


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