Will I? Won't I? Yes, I will

I will get through the list of tasks I've set for today.

>  wash those sheets and towels I ignored yesterday.

>  vacuum the carpet. (not too thoroughly, my back is already unhappy)

>  scrub the bathroom, again, not too fussy here.

>  make that chocolate self-saucing pudding I've been craving for several months now.

 and here it is, fresh out of the oven, still boiling hot. No, this is not a packet mix, it's fully home-made.

I got the recipe a few years ago from a blogger who was moving from Melbourne to Adelaide.
(Funny thing, I don't remember her name, but I remember the name of her blog.)

I washed and dried the mixing measuring things while the pudding was baking.

Yes, I am *that* clever!


  1. You're a good multi tasker indeed. Yummmmy chocolate pudding to :-).

  2. It looks as if you completed the only really important thing on the to do list. And vacuuming and cleaning can always wait - for better days and better backs. Take care of yours.

  3. Windsmoke; it didn't turn out as yummy as it should have. Too much cocoa in the sauce mix made it a little bitter.

    EC; I did clean, just not as thoroughly as I usually do. Really just enough to pass inspection should a visitor drop in. Sitting here with a hot water bottle again today.

  4. Bitter chocolate and sweet french vanilla ice cream...works for me.

  5. I've just discovered that this blog exists, yes I'm slow.

    Just wanted to say well done, & hello!

  6. mybabyjohn; if only I had some icecream...

    Martin; welcome to drifting, and thanks


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