the new kick-start diet

I saw the new and improved Kick-Start diet on TV last night.
It was a featured story on Today Tonight, but I wasn't paying a lot of attention, I did notice that it featured a lot of soup, much like the original kick-start diet.
So this morning I got onto Google and found the recipe for the soup.

Here it is:->

3 tomatoes
2 large cans of crushed tomatoes
2 cans of liquid stock, either beef, chicken or vegetable     (stock comes in cans? what size cans?)
2 cups water
1 packet dry vegetable soup powder or French Onion soup powder
1 bunch spring onions
1 bunch celery
2 cups green beans
3 green capsicums
1kg carrots
2 stock cubes, either beef, chicken or vegetable

chop all vegetables into small pieces, add to the pot with everything else, rapid boil for two minutes, then simmer until vegetables are tender.  

Makes enough for one person for two days.

Eat as much as you want, whenever you want, during the day.
Instead of your usual foods of course.

(This reminds me of a joke, where a person goes to the doctor needing to lose weight.
The doctor works up a diet plan which he then gives to the patient.
The patient looks it over and says it looks quite good, very reasonable and does he take this before or after meals?
Ha Ha.)

Looks okay at first glance......but.......(ha ha, there's always a but), we have liquid stock, plus dry soup powder, which is essentially a dry stock, and on top of that, we have two extra stock cubes.

Why?  Why so much stock?  Doesn't make sense to me.

There's a seven day eating plan, called stage one, which goes like this:->
No bread, no fried foods, no oils

Day one:- soup and fruit, no bananas
Day two:- soup and vegetables, no pea, corn or beans. I'm guessing this means no extra beans,
                 because there are beans in the soup and I can't see people fishing them out.........
Day three:-soup and vegatables and fruit, no potatoes
Day four:- soup and banana smoothies  (yay! bananas!)
Day five:- soup and beef and tomatoes. This goes on to say a piece of beef or chicken no bigger than
                  a  deck of cards, (I'm fine with that, it's the size I usually eat), and six tomatoes. 
Day six:- soup and beef (or chicken) and vegetables, no potatoes. (again? damn, I love potatoes...)
Day seven:- soup and brown rice (add it to the soup?) and vegetables and fruit juice.

The program recommends a half hour of steady-to-brisk walking per day, and the three participants shown lost between 4 and 6 kilos in the first week.
They did their walking on treadmills.

The diet program also recommends drinking coffee or tea or water, I don't remember exactly how much, but it seemed like more than I'd normally drink in one day if I was just staying at home.
(I drink more water when I'm working so that I don't dehydrate)

I know that if I tried this diet, I'd have to do the walking first thing in the morning before I started on the soup, because there is so much liquid, I'd be running to the toilet all day long.
I definitely couldn't try this if I was going off to work every day, a checkout isn't the sort of place a person can just walk away from to go and pee several times an hour.
More so when there are only two main checkouts open and people are lining up to be processed through.

I have to say, in all honesty, that I won't be trying this.
Well, I like garlic in my soups, and cabbage, (and a potato sometimes), and on day five it says six tomatoes, which is more tomatoes than I could possibly eat in one day.
Also because I prefer leeks to spring onions if I'm making soup.

Stage two is where certain carbohydrates are slowly reintroduced. Low GI carbs of course.


  1. It just seems so fluid-based to me and whenever I try that sort of thing I just feel so incredibly empty and hungry.... which I guess is the point but my belly needs carbs in order to feel full.

    Flavour, too.

  2. The only diet I ever noticed working was less food and more exercise.

  3. I don't see why this wouldn't work.

    And soup is just good for you.


  4. I do like soup... but I hate thinking about what I'm eating and when. I did too much of that in my twenties. I once did this crazy diet plan (in my early twenties) that had foods like beetroot, hotdogs and ice-cream, for about a week or so. WTH? Was bloomin' starvin'!

  5. I would imagine your own healthy vegetable soup would work just as well as this recipe...with all the commercial stocks in it I would think it would be quite salty.

  6. Kath; it's very fluid based, but I'd say flavourful too, because of the vegetables and tomatoes in it. But I don't think I'd last a week on it, I'd cheat and get a sandwich in there a couple of times. The whole point is that your body would use its stored fats to support itself, which equals weight loss.

    Joanne; this is where my routine is failing me. I'm eating less, but not exercising more.

    Pearl; it does work, as evidenced by the ladies shown in the program, each lost around a kilo per day. They were all just over or just under 100 kilos to start with. They're on to stage two by now, with a few low GI carbs being reintroduced.

    CarrieBoo; that does sound like a very crazy diet! I've never thought too much about what I eat, never followed any actual diet plan, especially back in my twenties when I was too busy with four babies. (and weighed only 53-55kg)It's only now that I'm almost 60 and I've had this extra 12-15kg that I haven't been able to shift for about 8 years, that I'm beginning to watch my food intake.

    Delores; I LOVE my own vegetable soup. I'm making a potful tonight. There are low-salt versions of commercial stocks and I'm pretty sure that's what the diet would recommend. I use a vegetarian liquid stock.

  7. I got a little confused by what was on the Today tonight website. As this diet has been revamped, there seems to be 2 stage ones. The new revamped diet has Green Juices and capsules you are suppose to take. Has anyone else come across this issue?

  8. Anonymous; there were green juices on the site,and maybe some vitamins in capsule form (which I didn't take notice of), I just focussed on the soup.

  9. I did the original of this diet about 8 years ago. Not terribly overweight, didn't really do the required amount of exercise and lost 8kg in the first 6 weeks (my husband lost 10kg). Not only that but with a little dedication to the low GI way of eating have managed to keep it off.

  10. The soup recipe is wonderful. I think you have a great program and hopefully you can share some pics so we can see your development.

    weight loss Fairfax

  11. But oils are essential and healthy, no?
    Day two!!! I´d like to see that! Oh, a bean! OUT!!!! LOL.

    Boy, am I glad I have nothing to see my weight on!!! Ingo has a scale. Somewhere...

    Na, sounds like a weird diet, plus, I´m too lazy for any diet, boy, we have brains, right?!

  12. I have a variation of this which includes pearl barley which is the filler for not feeling hungry and also healthy for the kidneys. Also shredded cabbage added is a good filler as well. Stay downwind of people though. :D



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