dust bunny party time

Today is Friday, a day on which I don't work, choosing instead to use this day to pay my rent, keep appointments I may have with dentist, doctor etc, do a little shopping if I need to.

I also do a lot of the mundane housework type stuff, thus freeing my entire weekend for fun things, like spending all day reading on the couch.

On Fridays, I do....

...my clothes washing,

...I wash my sheets,
and today I also washed...

this gorgeous red couch blanket that my brother bought for me from a shop in the town I was born in. 

I'll dust my furniture...

...freely admitting that I don't do this every single Friday, even though I know I should,

and sweep my floors,

although today I chose to vacuum,

because I noticed several of the older, more mature dust bunnies had decided it was party time....

they'd come out from under the fridge and were happily dancing around on my kitchen floor. 

On Fridays, I also...

defragment the drive and delete temporary files and tracking cookies. 
I've neglected this lately and today found I had over 900! temp files to delete.

I'll do an hour or so of knitting on my skinny scarf that I plan to wear next winter, (I must find a basic beanie pattern too).

Before, after, and in between all that, you'll find me here...

...on the couch.
Vegging with my kindle and a cuppa.

Check out the beautiful throw rug, made for me by my good friend J, from yarn that I sent her. Because she can crochet and I can't.
Thank you Jayne.


  1. What a productive day you have had. I love the blanket that your brother sent you (such a rich, vibrant colour) as well as your throw rug. The blogosphere is a wonderful place.

  2. Dust Bunnies eh?! Over here I'm breeding Dust Wombats...a whole flock of them.

  3. Elephant's Child; it's a typical Friday. Although I don't always vacuum. And sometimes I bake. I agree the blogosphere is a wonderful place.

    Tempo; Dust Wombats? They'd be huge! You'll have to get an industrial vac for those.

  4. I do rather like the rug your brother gave you. It looks rich and warm. How kind was Jayne!

  5. I have Wednesdays off to do appointments and stuff, but must admit you put me to shame with all the housework you do. My dust bunnies are multiplying at a great rate. Love that rug. xxx

  6. I'm waiting for my dust bunnies to collect into one giant blob making for easy disposal.

    You've inspired me to vacuum today. ;) (Wow I'm lazy compared to you.)

    That throw rug is amazing!

  7. Andrew; the rug is very soft and warm, as is the one from Jayne, who is a lovely person and I'm proud to call her my friend.

    Kakka; it's not such a huge amount of housework. I live in a small one bedroom flat where the laundry takes up one wall of the bathroom and the kitchen is two steps by three steps. Both rugs are really lovely.

  8. It's a vicious cycle. We vacuum one morning on the weekend, and put the fur balls right up the vacumm. See through cannister and everything. Same afternoon and there is a new fur baby growing under a chair or the sofa. All I can say is "We just vacuumed!"

  9. Ohhh your afghan is beautiful. You have such lovely friends, River. Your brother rocks, too - I love that colour! :)

  10. Dust bunnies make good pets...you don't have to feed or water them, no litter box to clean, and, they don't talk back.

  11. CarrieBoo; the larger the bunnies, the harder they party. You could find yourself up to your knees in bunnies. The rug is lovely isn't it?

    Joanne Noragon; the new dust bunnies are relatives searching for their mamas and aunties. There are far more of them than there are of us humans.

    Happy Elf Mom; I sat with that rug over my knees last night, it was so cosy and warm. The red blanket is a fabulous rich red.

    Delores; they don't talk back, but they do party hard. All over the kitchen and well into the lounge, so if you stumble around in the predawn turning on the kettle for coffee before turning on the light, you tend to wonder what the heck you spilled on the floor and didn't even notice?


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